Bend over, sir!
6/10/05 - by drunkennewfiemidget -

Why is it, that when 'energy prices' go up, only the end-consumer is the one who gets hosed in the ass for it?

The post office and all delivery services add 'fuel surcharges' to their bills now.

Hydro companies raise their rates and screw you.

Transit systems charge more money for bus tickets/passes.

Gas prices go up.

Doesn't seem fair to me. Everyone else just passes the costs down to you. The consumer.

In the last week, I've dealt with Ottawa's transit system (OC Transpo) raising their rates, AGAIN to $.25/ride more than Toronto's TTC! Right during 'commuter challenge' week, too: "take the bus more often, and we'll fuck you in the ass for it!"

Then, I'm dealing with the hydro company, who says they only charge $.05 per kWh, and $.058 per kWh above 750kWh/mo consumption per month. After you add in all their fees, assuming you use about 550kWh a month (about my usage), your bill will be $56.00 before taxes. Now divide that by 550 again. That's $.01018 per kWh! OVER DOUBLE THE ENERGY CHARGE!

That's not even my major beef. My issue is that I took possession of my apartment on February 24th (or thereabouts). I didn't actually move in until March 5th, and didn't use any appliances or even lights until that point. I read the meter the day I took possession, it was at around 7000. I received my first bill. After getting them to fix the '$250 deposit' they required when I just moved from another house serviced by them where my account was in good standing all along, I did the math, and found I was being charged for over 400 kWh of hydro I didn't use! Based on that math, that's over $40 in hydro before tax! It turns out those incompetent fools didn't bother to come and do a final meter reading when the last girl moved out. They just 'estimated' where here meter would be. They were obviously way off, and are trying to bill me for it. After telling them about it, they sent a guy to do a reading. He read it and returned. They then called me and said, "You use about 18.8 kWh a day. We estimated your usage correctly." Needless to say, it's going to take letters from ombudsmen, or the BBB to explain to these idiots that to assume I used 18.8kWh a day when I wasn't even in the unit is both absurd and silly. It's not my fault they don't do their damn jobs.

Leave it up to the consumer to get screwed.

Moral of the story: read your meter and call it in the day you move into a new house. It could save you money.

Never ever blindly pay a bill. From anyone. Read it. Understand it. Call if you don't understand. Make sure you aren't paying too much.

Fucking maggots.