10th Anniversary of TheInsaneDomain has been CANCELLED!

10 years? Screw it.
Sure, it's been 10 years and that's great, but really, it's not great enough. I've decided to scrap the whole 10 years celebration and re-schedule the big anniversary for the 13th year. That gives me another two and a half years to get this together. By that time, there will be forums, data-tracking and other fun stuff. So yea, screw the 10 years and I'll see you at the 13th. Then I'll have proper contests and everything. To say thanks to the lone person who went out of their way to make us a banner (Mzebonga doesn't count), McDiablo will be given a free tshirt.

It's been years now and my searching has come up with nothing. I'm officially giving up my search. I hope he's doing well, wherever he is, and that's that. There is a lot of content on this site that is quite old, and I no longer remember who came up with it all. Before DC left, he informed me that I could keep his content indefinitely. So it's mine now. Thank you for the good years DC and goodbye.

Yes, forums will be set up and yes, they'll be free to join. Mzebonga will be set as one of the main admins, so you will all have to deal with his rabid brand of insanity and his rules unless I veto him.

Sock monkey porn.
This section is going to be overhauled shortly. Since some of you have restrictions due to surfing from school or whatnot, hopefully this will allow more of the site to be seen without triggering filters due to the word porn. Some of you encounter issues viewing the questionnaire results pages, which is due to them not being censored and containing sometimes quite graphic language. Seeing as I'm not into stripping down people's answers (unless really awful), those that do get blocked from random result pages will have to live with it for now.

Your face on this website.
That's right, if you've bought a tshirt from us, we're looking for a photo of you (or a favorite monkey/toy if you're too shy or in hiding) in your shirt for our gallery. To send one in, fill out our form and either link us to the photo (from your webspace) or leave your email for us to contact you so you can email it. We will not be putting full real names, and if you want a nickname put up, please inform us of it. For those who want a tshirt, shop here.

He'll be returning soon! He's been working hard on a blog where he can share photos, tell you about his day and all that annoying crap. Why anyone would want to read and see this is beyond me, but he's insisting and it seems that some of you actually like him. So fine. (See the things I do for you people?)

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