What sucks about being sick.
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Having snot creeping out of your nose all day.

Having to suck that snot down your throat because you have no tissues.

That feeling of cotton being in your head.

The awful medicine you have to take. Face it, it never tastes good so why even pretend it will?  Just chug the NyQuil(TM) and go into that coma!

The way people baby you when you want to be left alone to rot in your own fluids.

Being told "better you than me"

Being treated like you are the carrier of the Black Plague.

Coughing or sneezing with a sore throat.

Everything you say comes out sounding like whining.

The size of the damn pills you have to take.   You have a sore throat and can barely breath, and you have to swallow something the size of a horse???

You're the last to get 'what's going around' so everyone tells you what they went through, reminding you of all the stuff that is wrong with you..

You're the first to get 'what's going around' and everyone blames you when they get sick.

When you're sick everyone avoids you but when they are sick, they want you to hang around with them and make them soup.

The tissue moutian eventaully takes over and you are too weak to crawl out of it.

You can only drink so much liquid but people keep telling you to drink more.

You always get sick when something really cool is planned.

You only seem to get the worst on weekends but come monday, the medicine is working and you're ok.

People who think you're faking it just to get out of something.  Like you fake puking your guts out and being a snot infested freak just to get out of something lame. 

People who go "well, you don't sound/look too good".  You already feel like shit and they have to rub it in.

When your coughing starts sounding like a dogs bark and your cat gets scared or your dog thinks your hitting on it.

Puking and having it come up through your nose.

Getting a coughing attack in the middle of phoning into work to tell them you're sick, and you're fighting for your life as they're thinking you're laying it on pretty thick with the coughing thing or actually cringing on the other end of the phone at the sound of your slow death.

Puking and being somewhere that you can't actually throw up, so you keep it in your mouth or swallow it back down until you can find a place to puke.

Puking near a sympathetic puker.

Throwing up so much you start dry heaving and the acids from your stomach end up burning your throat so your throat hurts so much and yet you keep puking up more stomach acids.

Having other people eat and drink yummy stuff while you're there with your tea and you can barely swallow that.

Your pets decide that you are a diseased freak and don't get anywhere near you.

After 3 days of being sick you're pissed off, fed up and want it OVER but it lingers.

You get buried in a pile of snotty tissues and you're the only one that can clean it up because everyone else is afraid of catching what you've got.

You've been taking tons of pills and only after doing this for a few days in a stupor, you finally smarten up and read the damn label that tells you that all the drugs you've been taking together will cause you liver damage or something nasty.

You can't sleep and even when you do it's only for an hour before you're back up having to piss or spray snot all over.

Breathing makes everything hurt and you can't stop.

The day after puking violently your body hurts all over and every time you cough it sends bolts of pain through you.

People keep phoning to see how you are but you've lost your voice and they think you're dead.

You get fed up sitting/laying around but you can't do anything without breaking into coughs or a sweat.

You feel freezing cold until you start puking. Then you're sweating like a freak and after your done you start shivering again.

Sweating through clothes and having to get up and change.

Smelling like a sick freak and having people tell you that.

You go to have a nice hot shower and instead it makes you pass out and someone has to drag your naked body out of the bathroom or call the ambulance.

Your nose feels like it's on fire from blowing it so much and if you go to put lotion on it, it STINGS like hell.

Brushing your teeth after puking and it tastes so bad it makes you puke again.

Having the toilet clog up with all your puke and you have to struggle to unclog it while still puking up a storm.

All food tastes and smells awful.

Each time you cough you can feel a huge gob of crap in your throat and it makes you either choke or feel like puking but no matter what you can't dislodge it.

Having to worry about your hair while your puking but if you don't get it back then you'll have to worry about having puke in your hair.

Not making it to a 'good' place to puke before it all comes heaving out and then you have to clean it up but the smell makes you puke even more.

Trying to swallow a pill and choking on it.

Not having anyone around you to bring you tissues or anything else so you have to do it yourself while you feel like shit. This especially sucks if you need to go out and get something but you can't because you're too sick but you HAVE to or else you won't get better.

Getting sick during a car trip to somewhere far away, or when you're going somewhere by plane.

TV sucks and you're forced to watch hours of it.

Coughing so much you drop to the floor and start having seizures.

Every single minute of it SUCKS but there isn't a damn thing you can do about it but sniffle, cough and wait for it to be over.

Being sick just sucks...