People in newsgroups suck.
If you think you have a few to add to this list, join and share them.

people who are always posting even though everything they say is stupid, irrelevant, and in most cases, just them being a dick

people who use multiple nicknames etc to avoid killfiles

people who post flat-earth theories, racist bullshit and other such irrelevant ramblings to tons of newsgroups

people who reply to the troll posts, and don't delete the original message so the group gets spammed repeatedly

people who put their email, or another persons email in the message

people who like to argue online about nothing and then start calling each other names

people who post spam, making it look like they are asking to post spam

people who post spam, get reported for abuse, and then are all upset that they were reported and send another nasty message to the group

people who post in HTML

people who post binary files in non-binary groups

people who post religious/horoscope crap in science/astronomy newsgroups

people who go into band/sports/etc newsgroups just to say that it sucks and the people that reply to them saying 'you suck'

people who try to post some sob story to get money... stop wasting time posting and go EARN your money like the rest of us

people who go onto band newsgroups to try to tell you what bands you SHOULD listen to because the ones you like suck...

people who don't read FAQs or previous posts before posting something dumb

people who post the same thing 10 times

people who post the same thing 10 times under 10 different names as if no one will know

people who post something, then reply to themselves with a different name

people who include the whole previous post when all they are adding to it is 'lol' or some other one-word comment

people who pretend they are professionals or experts on a subject when in fact they aren't and refuse to admit they are wrong about ANYTHING

people who try to convince others to change their beliefs by arguing or calling them names online... come on people... get LIVES

people who take emails from posts online and spam them

people who think they are the king/queen of the internet and that what they say is law

people who post up 'sexy' pictures of themselves but screw up and post them to kids groups or some other inappropriate group

people who post 'test' posts over and over and over and over and over and...

people who moderate newsgroups and decide they don't care anymore and leave

people who complain about newsgroup threads that just won't die... yet they keep replying to it

people who ask a question and then get upset with the answer so they post a hate-mail about how the group and everyone in it sucks

people who have really long sig files with stupid quotes, bad website links and other nonsense

people who do nothing but point out and make fun of other people's spelling mistakes, yet never have anything to actually contribute to the group

people who can't agree to disagree

people who don't read all the way through a message and reply with a nasty post that is completely missing the point

people who steal content from newsgroups and claim it is their own, especially if they collect porn images and then sell them to others on a website

Daniel Joseph Min

Inger E