Time warping.
This is a little thing I’ve noticed almost everyone I know does. Most people have a clock that is the REAL time. The time that appears on the TV, the computer if synced with world time or whatever, but the one they consider REAL. Then there are the tampered time clocks. The one in the bedroom is usually in a world of its own. I’ve seen differences in time in bedrooms from 10 to even 70 minutes. Why?

It seems that most of us set our bedroom/alarm clock ahead of the actual time so we can trick ourselves into not waking up late. If we see the time later than it really is in the morning, the basic bit of our brain that is working when we wake knows enough to think GET UP and hopefully force us out into our day. Also, most of us can’t do the math in the morning to figure out what the REAL time is. By the time we sit there and try to figure it out, we’re awake and might as well get up.

Even once out of the bedroom, the time warping doesn’t end there. If there is a clock in the bathroom, the kitchen, on the TV, DVD player, and computers, there will be SOME time warping going on room to room. I can wake up at 8:00 am, walk straight to the bathroom and arrive there at 7:45 am. Going into the kitchen it’s 7:50 am and the TV is showing 7:48 am. Ignoring all that nonsense time warping going on in the home, in the vehicle it’s another time, where I have to add/subtract to what I know WORK time is showing. Even at work, every clock is off by at least a few minutes.

Now, think about it, this happens to you too doesn't it?

To sum it all up, I have no idea what the real time is and it doesn’t really matter EXACTLY what time it is. It’s all NOW at some point.