Young People Suck
For the sake of this list, we're saying anyone from about 6 to 13 are young.
If that's the age you are and you're all upset with this list, shut the hell up you brat.

It's always what THEY want to do. They don't care what YOU want to do and just keep on whining until they get what they want or get sent to their room.

They hang around in front of doorways because they're too young to drive a car, but think they're too old to hang out a the playground.

Giggling. It seems that only young kids can giggle in a way that makes you want to slap their stupid faces until they start crying. What the hell are you giggling at? STOP IT!

They don't give any thought to where they put their toys and shit. Everywhere you step it's just more shit they haven't put away and when you give them shit they look stunned because it never occurred to them to pick up their shit.

Spying on you and what you're doing is somehow a hobby to them because it pisses you off.

They look exactly like the rest of their friends. All of them dressed alike and talking/gibbering alike.

Their ideas on how to dress and act are taken from bad TV shows and you can't tell them any different.

Their taste in music isn't developed at all so they listen to the most horrid crap and put the same song on repeat for several weeks.

They don't fully appreciate the long summer vacation they get from school each year. You barely get two damned weeks away from work each year yet somehow they're all whining and complaining when they have two or three months to piss away.

They don't have to pay bills, have stupid bosses or real responsibilities, yet they act like their lives are so hard.

No matter what you say, they think they know more than you and will tell you their opinion on everything you do.

When you ask them to do something simple, it turns into some huge ordeal and they end up crying.

They make too much noise in restaurants when they're supposed to be eating. Shut up!

For some reason THEY get all the toys and cool stuff as presents and because you're 'older' you get stupid shit like socks.

They can play for hours with the same toy and not get bored while you're sitting there wondering what to do with the rest of your life.

Their parents think that any shit they do is 'cute' and 'wonderful' and if you don't agree they think you're a child hating asshole.

You have to drive them places because they can't go long distances alone on their bike or drive themselves.

They can get away with doing more stupid shit because 'they're too young to know better'.

They throw tantrums for stupid reasons.

You have to start avoiding places because packs of them get dropped off by their parents and left to roam around for hours.

Their parents drive them around in huge minivans, getting in the way and pissing you off while you're trying to get somewhere.

They try to act all 'grown up' and demand to be treated more adult but then they act like the young brats they are.

They round up their age or use fractions. Instead of being 7, they say they're 7 and a half or 'almost 8'.

When given a sip of beer or wine, they pretend they're all drunk.

They make fun of other kids for stupid things and act like little assholes to each other.

It seems they have to RUN everywhere they go and make as much noise as they can.

They wake at the crack of dawn and don't understand the concept of shutting the hell up if other people are still sleeping.

Privacy of others is beyond their understanding and they barge into rooms all the time without knocking.

Showering and bathing is a chore to them because they don't realize that they stink.

Their voices are always loud and shrill until it comes to something you need to hear and then suddenly they're too 'shy' to speak loudly.

They want to eat the same crap over and over and over every damned day which wouldn't be so bad if it was crap you liked to eat too.

They think that anyone who is 20 or older is really old.