What sucks about having a job.
For those of you that haven't managed to figure it out on their own.

Coworkers that give you nicknames. Example : You sit on your chair, not realizing that someone has spilt something there. Your ass becomes wet, and now your chair looks like you pissed on it. An annoying coworker who chats to everyone about stupid shit sees this. You're now Mr/Ms/Miss Pissypants.

The hours.

The pay.

Coworkers who smell badly of BO and when you try to tell them, you choke on the stench and almost die.

Bosses who act like they know everything when in fact they know almost nothing and everyone but them knows it.

Getting the shit job of emptying garbage cans because you're the newest/youngest person there.

Having them screw up your pay each and every week.

Overly happy coworkers that insist on talking to you and pretending you're friends.

Whoever the hell is stealing all your pens when you're not looking.

Customers and coworkers that come and bother you with stupid shit when you're obviously working with or on something else.

Getting cut and bleeding everywhere, then getting in shit for getting the blood everywhere.

You finally get a bathroom break and the toilet is broken and overflowing.

For some reason, you have to be polite to morons with stupid questions, even if the answer is staring them in the face in the form of a SIGN.

Coworkers who ask you to explain their job to them each day because they're too stupid to remember.

Lazy coworkers who never do anything and then you have to do it all instead.

Bosses who keep adding things to your jobs because you're good at doing things, yet they never compensate you for the extra work you're doing and just expect more.

Workplace safety signs that don't make any sense.

Taking your safety glasses off for ONE second and that's when the safety manager comes by and gives you shit.

The assistant supervisor who thinks they're king/queen shit while the real supervisor is away.

Coworkers that come up with stupid nicknames for you like Poochie or Fry.

Uniforms that are made from what feels like sandpaper and nails.

Having the only food/drink nearby be a dusty water cooler and a vending machine filled with unsalted sunflower seeds.

Several coworkers having the same first name as you so you get called by your last name instead.

A boss that confuses you with some idiot coworker all the time.

Computer programs that never work correctly and make you look like a retard in front of customers.

Coworkers that get to take twice as many breaks as you do because they smoke.

A boss that gets you to do all his/her work for him/her because he/she thinks they are too important to do it.

Uniforms in the colors that you've only seen in puke.

Bosses who can't speak properly so you have to keep asking them to repeat what they're saying and they think you're stupid so they begin to get nasty.

Customers who don't explain what they want, they instead give you some long story about something that has nothing to do with anything.

Customers who are rude and demeaning.

Bosses that want you to do everything under the sun, but refuses to pay for any training.

Coworkers who try to plan BBQs and gatherings for all the workers when the only reason you even speak to any of them is because you're paid to.

Company names that suck horribly and you're forced to wear the uniform with it printed on it.

Being treated like you're below human because your job is shit.

Cubicles from hell.

Bad coffee that the company gives away free and you're forced to drink it when you forget to go get some REAL coffee in the morning.

People who have desks/cubicles beside you and crank bad music through their headphones.

Coworkers/bosses that take a huge dump in the toilet and stink up the whole place.

Part time hours that make no sense.

Paging systems that never work right when you go to use them.

People that never answer their phones when you need help.

Everyone else gets to go on smoke/lunch breaks, but you have to wait almost your whole shift/day to even get 5 minutes off to take a shit.

Badly ventilated rooms you have to work in. Boiling hot in the summer, freezing in the winter.

No matter how great of a job you do, you'll never get more then a verbal thanks.

By the time you get home and have time to do what you really want, you're too tired/grumpy to be creative.

Shitty work hours that make it so you can't go hang out or do anything cool anymore.