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Faux Eco-kids
Vomit Villains

Subserviency Brusquer
We're in the shit now.
Cold & Tasteless
Splatter Theory
Sterile Mucus
Alien Anal Probe
Say what now?
The ? is evil.
Curse of the Harmonics
Explosive Gas
Knick Knack Paddy Whack
Sponge Cake
Sales Rep
Alien intestines
Negative Notion
Jerk Jerky
Rotten RV Rinds
Livingroom Antics
Doing the Front
Not the Door
Bloody Snow
Blurred Reality
Tested On Animals
Creeping Art
Sore Losers
Flushed Toilet
No Kidding
Clockwork Banana
Take It Back

Cartoon Hairdo
Red Ralph
Creature Of Less
Leading To Death
Mental Picture
Big Squeeze
Burnt Toast
Broken Moments
Canned Substitute Meat
Getting Expelled
Pepper In The Middle
Spoonful Of Sugar
Tree Madness
Before Goodbye
Blue Glass
Invitation To A Home
Pleasure Droid
Monster 54
Boarding School
Devils bodycount
Running Through Hallways
Naughty Bottoms

Trapped like rats
Fuck Death
Spoiled Lube
Be That As It May
Pecking Order
Monkey Business
Uber Duper
Curb Smiley
Piss Enema
The Significant Others
Bong Water Enema

Screwed From The Top
Locked In The Box
Clown Tears
Am I Here, Yes I'm Here
Fuck You Cupcake
The Effort
Greasy Monkey Moment
Pinky Pinch
Spirit Ill
Crap Trousers
Sister in the bathroom
Unconscious Assignment
Scalp Flakes

Creep factor.
10 minute test.
Left & Right

7 seconds
Trumpet Juice
The 10 minors
The Little Green Men
Fetal Fatale
13th Floor
Man's Best Friend
Sunday Suit
Blue bottoms
Jumping Retards
Bogus Hero
The Drag Queens Next Door
Huge Daze
Lazy Dog
Half-Assed Finger
Brooding Strings

Bad Perspective
Spank The Badly Drawn Donkey
Backdoor Escape
Rancid Moment
Funny Couplings
Raised Roman
Robot Village
Broad out of nowhere
Sour Crotch
Pinched nose
Can't cut it
No messages
Into the crowd
Unsquare table
Times Two
Forks Of DEATH
Fancy Rats
Jaws of Life
Fishing Massacre
Sport Spanking
Seasoned & Smoked
Exit 302

Cold Coffee

All at Once
Dig Duggers
Thumb of Doom
Wood Damage
Crack in the Brick
Down Below
Rotted Moment
Spank Paddle
Doodle Dandy
Smart Sayz Sounds

Do You Hear Something?
Fundamental Change
The Stairs
Bag Collector
Night Curtain
Human Kabobs
One More Round
10 Points
Panty Blood
Against Animals
Rope Gagged
Dead Dreams
Skeleton Closet
How You Scream
Wasted go
Something In The Sky
Them Or You
Purple Ducks
Flashers On Grade
The I Stands For You
Tense bladder
Bound by spite
Bats and groins
Loud banging noises
Toothpaste Dreams Of You
Eight Legged Beast
Stupid Bitch, I'll Kill You.
Why Can't I Just Die?
Speckled TV
Belching priest
Sad Little Monkeys
Salad : The Return
Eat yourself
Tomato Fair
Cock of God
Harold : The Revenge
Born and Bread
The Food Chain
Hide Nor Hair
Choosy Beggars
Queer Pressure
Shit Dildo
$3 Box
No Fixed Address
Throw the goat down.
Game With Consequence
Chewed Wrists
Carcass Lover
Reruns Forever
Burning Afternoons
Chow Kings
Brilliant Moment
Pocket Squirrels
Mess of Nonsense
Two trick pony
People from Jupiter
You think?!
Choking on dirt.
Turned back.
Blunt sharpness
Spank Jukebox
Death of Snoopy
Hurricane Debris
Debris Field
Everything will kill you
Spank the Ape
Super Bovine
Liquor Pig
Mr Hat Band
Shock Walk
Short On Cash
Princess Shove
Believe You Me
Barge Of Hate
Shoebox Creature
Pipe Television
Tiny Guns
Desperate Measures
Squirting Truth
Strange Space
Bearded Balloon
Record 122
Male vs Female
Helpless Petting
Book Smarts
Say It Twice
Taking On Scars
Dead People Dry Fucking
I Can't Sleep Anymore
Deep Rooted Issues
That Time In The Barn
Creepy Messy Place
Fat Fucking Bastard
It's Just Me Isn't It
Paranoia Loved Me 'till I Bled
Holes In The Earth
My Mispelt Name