Insane thoughts & ideas
(and make for some great insane status messages)
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Bite sized insanity for you to chew on and then spit out.
This section has been around since 1996! That's our excuse for none of it making sense for the first few pages.


I'm not as penis as you fuck off I am.

You're never too late for an uprising!

No, YOU are the hallucination!
Oh wait, that was something else. Nevermind.

Don't honk goodbye - just GO. It's annoying when people do that. The neighbours don't need to know you're leaving, and I can SEE you leaving - so just wave and go quietly.

When I was an alien - paperwork needed to be done.
I tried to get away - but there were other reasons to stay.

Fencing in the playground - I like to see if they get nervous.

The world has gone dead around me - they just don't know it yet.

I hate it when people come over, use your bathroom and then try to flush all my stuff down the toilet. I mean, that's just fucking RUDE.

I don't THINK anymore - I just AM.

You have SHIT in your chicken breath.

When I giggle - I can't see.

Wandering minds want to know.

I'm coughing up flesh so I'm on my healing way.

Shove off = shovoss.

If a cloud was the same as a fool, how would you feel about rain?

These papers are reminding me that I used to be COOL and RANDOM and FUNNY. Stupid papers! There is a paper here and all it says is "strange woman in late 40s or 50s. Puke colored vest. She's talking with the young lady." and on the other side of the page, is a drawing of a table that is missing two legs. Now THAT is RANDOM!

People are STARING. How embarassing.
He's sitting there, laying on the horn and staring out the window.
Everyone is STARING.
I wish I were invisible. Does he think this helps?
What is WRONG with him?