Things to do while taking a driving test.
Ways to make sure we're all safer.

comment on what animals you have hit recently.

make them sit in the back seat so you can have your drive through food beside you.

pick up hitchhikers.

while at red lights, get out of the car and dance

complain loudly that old people take too long to cross the road and yell at them when you drive by

adjust the mirror to find something that's in your eye

crank up the music

scream every time you turn

yell at the tester for no reason

line the car with tinfoil and tell them that aliens are trying to make you drive bad and that the tinfoil will stop them.

complain about how long it takes to get blood off your hood

take a big bag of popcorn and dump it out the window on the highway

roll down the windows and scream at everyone

write down every time you cut someone off and then laugh and announce the number you are at

clip out an accident article from the paper... have it in the car and say "I was there man... I caused it" and then laugh hysterically

put someone in the truck and drive around
have that person laugh a lot too

run down a few people and drive away

lean into the turns

tailgate everyone

cut off a cop and then try to out-run him

scream out every sign you see

try to push others out of your way with your car
-when the tester tries to get in the car, lock the doors. Drive away, then come back laughing. Repeat.

rip out the signal device and throw it on the road

refuse to turn left, and say that you will only choose the right decisions in life

argue about how to get somewhere

stop and ask for directions before leaving the parking lot

scream that everyone is a maniac throughout the test

explain you're just doing the test to 'get the paper'

tip the instructor after the test is over

fake a heart attack, and when they grab the wheel, slap their hands and insist that it was just a test.

grade them while they grade you.

swerve into oncoming traffic.  claim that you were testing other drivers defensive driving skills