Sunglasses suck.
Some people are able to keep the same pair of sunglasses almost their entire life; others go through several a week. Either way, we've all had to deal with them at one point or another and encountered things about them that sucked. So yep, here it is, a list of reasons why sunglasses suck.

The rubber at the end of the arms wears off (or worse yet never came with any) and scratches your head every time you put the glasses on or off.

They pinch your head and give you headache.

When you try to bend the arms to make them not hurt your head and instead they snap off.

Losing the screw off one of the arms but you liked the sunglasses a lot and try to find the screw. Two years later you still have the broken sunglasses and throw them out. The next week you find the screw.

Sitting on them when you're not paying attention to where you're sitting.

Having them get scratched the first day you own them.

When someone else thinks that the sunglasses are theirs and takes them home. They say they'll give them to you the next time you see them, but you know they're lying. (In fact, they're probably wearing them as they're on the phone talking with you, just to spite you.)

Those times you think you have mirrored sunglasses on but you don't and everyone knows you're staring at them like a pervert or simply not paying attention at all.

Either being the person trying on every pair of sunglasses in the store, or being the person standing and watching someone else do it.

Trying to find a cheap pair (because you lose yours all the time) but they're all stupidly expensive. Then you convince yourself that these are the sunglasses that you'll use for the rest of the year to justify the amount, and end up losing them or breaking them the next day.

People who don't care what sunglasses they get and end up with a huge annoying pair that bothers everyone else but them, because they don't have to look at them.

People who buy bags of the kids plastic sunglasses and wear those, thinking that they're looking quirky and funny when really, they're looking stupid.

People who wear sunglasses inside, all the time.

People who wear sunglasses all the time as if they're prescription glasses.

Those stupid clip on/ magnetic sunglasses that are supposed to work with your prescription glasses but instead fall off all the time and get scratched.

Having to pay a LOT of money for prescription sunglasses, then having others think you're a sunglasses Nazi when you insist on them being treated carefully, have their own little holder and everything like that.

Being smacked in the face while wearing sunglasses, causing them to break and cut up your eyes or face.

When they slip down your nose all the time.

Thinking that they will block out UV rays and not worrying about your eyes until suddenly you go blind.

When bees fly in your face and land inside the sunglasses, causing you to freak out completely.

Taking off your sunglasses and having it yank out a bunch of hair.

People who insist you call them shades instead of sunglasses.

People who think they look REALLY cool in their horribly expensive sunglasses, displaying the brand name proudly. No one but them cares and they look like an idiot.

People who have special wipes, cases, alternate arms, extra lenses, special cleaning solution, accessories and rules of handling for their $5 sunglasses.

People who think it's funny to try on your sunglasses and pretend they're you.

Having some whiny girl/boyfriend insist that you give them your sunglasses because they're driving, leaving you to sit blinded in the passenger seat.

Having some whiny girl/boyfriend insist that you give them your sunglasses, but you're driving and don't want to be blinded.

People who think they're sunglasses are so great that they can stare into the sun for several hours without any ill effects.

Searching for at least 15 minutes before finding them already on your head.

Never being able to find a pair you like.

Leaving them outside and they get all warped.

Forgetting them somewhere, forcing you to buy a new pair.

Going to look for your pair and finding at least seven pairs that aren't.

Adding up how much money you've spent on sunglasses in the last five years and realizing you could have gotten a house instead.

Having those glasses that detect sunlight and go dark, only they work a little too well and go completely black.

Sitting across from someone with highly reflective glasses and you have to put on your sunglasses.

People who see the word sunglasses and giggle at the asses part, or think they're being clever by using the word asses instead of sunglasses.

Having the lens pop out and even though you try to fit it back it, it keeps popping out.

Those little rubber feet that dig into your nose.

Bent frames that make you look like a Picasso painting.

People who put on your sunglasses and warp them because they have a horribly fat head.

Those sunglasses that are as big and round as dinner plates, and those who think they're being superstars by wearing them.

Talking to someone wearing mirrored glasses for a while before realizing that they're asleep.

Thinking that someone wearing mirrored sunglasses is looking at you and talking but really they're talking to the person behind you.

People who wear sunglasses thinking it will hide the fact that they're stoned or drunk, but really it's painfully obvious because it's midnight and only drunk/stoned people would be wearing them at night. (Unless you're Cory Hart.)

People who wear sunglasses on their head to keep their hair back, but never actually put them on their eyes.

People who pull their glasses down a bit to give you what they think is a sexy look but really, it makes you want to punch them in the face.

Getting them stuck in your hair and all twisted up until you have to cut them out.

Thinking you look cool in your sunglasses until a friend finally tells you that actually, you look pretty dumb and maybe glitter doesn't suit you so well.

All the creepy sunglasses that elderly people seem to enjoy buying in bulk.

People who have novelty sunglasses for all occasions.

People who buy sunglasses by the pound at the dollar store, then insist that everyone wear them so everyone can be silly together. Since they're cheap sunglasses, they don't do anything to stop the sun from blinding you and you go home at the end of the day with a headache.

Getting burnt while wearing sunglasses and having the outline on your face for a few weeks.

Getting your headphones tangled up with your sunglasses.

Finding a smashed pair in the bottom of your bag, and now all your stuff has glass on it.

Having to wait while someone goes on the eternal hunt for their sunglasses before going out, or being the person that everyone is waiting for while you hunt for them.

When you hating wearing them but are being forced to because it's so damned sunny out.

When they're too lose and fall off your face and nothing you do makes them better.

Colored lenses that prevent people from seeing red lights, causing them to go through them and take out a few people.

Wearing sunglasses on your head so much that it actually warps your skull.

Colored lenses that mess with your vision.