The rules of show and tell.
For those of you that haven't managed to figure it out on their own.

No dead animals.

No dead anything.

No living animals.

No diaries of friends or family.

No bloody things.

No moldy things.

No bringing up your chair pretending its for show and tell.

No other peoples stuff unless you have their permission.

No pads from the trash can.

No condoms.

No nude pictures of anyone.

No whale bits.

No dressing in drag to mimic someone.

No bringing in evidence to conduct a trial against another classmate.

No bones from the graveyard.

No anything from the graveyard if it's been buried or is to be buried.

No bringing friends from other classes.

No dressing up in elaborate costume.

No fire.

No tap dancing or ballet.

No demonstrating of wrestling moves.

No pickled eggs.

No cigarettes.

No alcohol.

No drugs.

No drug stories.

No drinking stories.

No picking open wounds.

No bodies scraped off the road.

No edible things.

No stolen things.

No exploding things.

Underwear is not for show and tell.

No stories of drunken family members.

No forced vomiting.

No stories of vomit or other such bodily functions.

No beating up another kid.

No removal of clothing.

No inducing gas.

No ripping out loose teeth.

No discussion of what your mother thinks of someone else's mother.

No spinning until you vomit.

No describing stupid cartoons/videos you saw online.