Showers suck
By Schizoid, JCP,
Hufflebunny, G-Rod, McDiablo, Iskabilly
Not wedding or baby showers (they just suck period) but showers of water.

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Setting the water to the desired temperature, and then when setting the faucet to shower mode, having to spend another 10 minutes setting the water again.

Dirt from your feet staining the tub, when you're showering. And then using the shower the next time and standing in dirty feet marks.

Being rushed to shower because you are late for something.

Enjoying the shower in the morning and it's niceness, interrupted by the realization that you are showering to get ready to go to work, which sucks.

Cleaning the tub / shower walls.

Pulling out big wads of long hair that clog up the tub. YUCK.

When bathroom ventilation systems blow the (dirty and gross) shower curtain towards you so you only have a sliver of space to stand with the wall on the once side, and the shower curtain on the other side.

Getting shampoo in your eyes, despite 20+ years of experience in trying to avoid such a thing from happening.

Standing in dirty human body water because the tub's drain is clogged for whatever reason.

Bad/inconsistent water pressure.

Finding cockroaches while you're in the shower area. Or, cockroaches and other bugs crawling up from the drains when you're not showering.

Taking showers during the Summer heat waves in order to cool off, then getting out and realizing that it just makes you feel sweatier and grosser.

Dropping the soap and having to pick it up repeatedly.

Having to go to the bathroom right after you've showered and are all shower-ly clean. Which makes two things that suck. You have to dry off in order to use the toilet or else get water everywhere and you also are not 100% as clean as you were when you were in the shower.

People trying to talk to you when you're showering (who can hear anything amidst all the water-patter-pattering?)

Having to stand there to 'leave in' conditioner or shampoo in order for it to take effect. Usually during which the shower has changed temperatures 5 times.

Being in the shower and you're all wet and waterlogged and then realizing whatever shavers/shampoo you need are elsewhere across the bathroom and you have to pause the whole ordeal to get the stuff you should have brought.

Cleaning up water after your shower that fell all over the yucky bathroom floor from your wet body.

Malfunctioning water system within apartments that don't guarantee a consistent temperature, or that are interconnected with other apartments, so when everyone else in the building is showering at 7:30am you are all fighting for the right mix of hot and cold.

Having to go to some cheesy hardware store to buy new shower heads when the current ones get so filled with gunk that there's only a partial spray.

Trying to pick stuck-on-well hairs off the bar of soap you're using.

When the person you live with comes in and thinks it's ok to piss and leave it sitting and somehow they're doing YOU the favor by not flushing, but then you have the smell of piss in the room.

Getting out of the shower and realizing there are NO clean towels, and the one you thought was clean stinks horribly.

Wiping yourself down with what you thought was a clean towel only to find out that it's covered in long hair (and/or cat/dog hair) and now it's all over you.

Being in someone elses shower and not knowing how the facet works properly, and because it's not marked to tell you, you end up burning yourself.

When you're staying at someone's place and they have their shower RIGHT by a window and for some reason don't have any drapes or frosted glass and you KNOW that people can see in so you're trying to get in and out of the shower without exposing yourself to the world.

Having other people try to join in on the shower when you really just want time to relax and enjoy your shower.

Opening a new bar of soap, and dropping the huge bar on your feet. Also, bending over to pick it up and getting water up your nose, or hitting your head on the soap holder or hand grips that stick out of the wall.

When there is a bug/spider in the shower but it's up high so you can't reach it and you spend the rest of the shower eyeing it up and hoping it doesn't jump onto you.

Slipping and falling in the shower, or out of it.

People who lead a large number of children to your house, line them up, shout orders at them and then lead the children through your bathroom and into your shower with you. Ok fine it's great they're getting exercise, but how can I be insane in my shower if they're all staring at me? I can't, at least not for free. If I'm going to put on a neighborhood "Come see how crazy I am" show then I'm going to charge admission and give out watered down drinks filled with shower water.

When you get out of the nice steamy warm bathroom and the cold air hits you like a brick wall.

When I'm in the shower and someone goes around turning on ALL the taps, flushes all the toilets in the house, turns on the dishwasher AND the washing machine.

Ffinding a bug in the shower and it's up on the ceiling or something, forcing me to somehow figure out a way to kill it without it dropping on my head OR having it hover above me while I try to shower.

Really stinky/smelly shampoo and conditioner. I don't want to smell like I just escaped from a salon where I paid too much money to have my hair stink, I just want it clean and tangle-free!

Shampoos with lame names suck, too. Take Herbal Essences new line, for example: None of Your Frizzness? Body Envy? Riiiight.

Water pressure, there is such a thing as TOO MUCH. At one particular hotel I stayed at, the pressure was so great I felt like if I stood in one place too long, I'd have a hole straight through me.

It sucks when you shower at someone elses place and have to use their shampoo/conditioner and soap. Some people have really strange smelling stuff, or have so many bottles and things that it's hard to figure out what to put where and why, that by the time you figure out what is just simply shampoo and conditioner, the hot water has run out and you smell like some sort of strange flower found only in a rainforest.

Showering at hotels can suck, especially if there's zero water pressure.

When I get bit by bugs and then go take a shower, which for some reason revives them from being simple red marks into an itchy mess. While you're washing or drying off, you can't help but end up rubbing them a few times again, and by the time you're done you just want to go roll in a pile of nails in the hopes that some of the itch will die. Pain is easier to deal with than itch!

When family members take your shampoo when they go camping (without asking, of course), so you have to use some random brand that makes your hair feel, well, as unclean as it did before you stepped in the showe

Crappy little bath mats suck in showers. You try to stand on this tiny bit of rubber so you don't slip, fall over and die (and then your naked dead bloated ass is found by someone).

That horrible, uncleanable black stain on the tub underneath the mat.

When the little thing that sticks out from the wall for soap is far up, so you end up hitting your elbow on it. i was once at a hotel and the soap thing was so high up, I dropped the soap, bent over to get it and hit my head on the soap holder when I was going to stand back up.

When the drain is full of hair and it prevents the water from going down. It's like your toes are bathing in hairy water and it's not all your hair. Ew.

Using a shower in a campground. One rule: NEVER go in there without some kind of footwear. Actually, don't enter any public shower without footwear.

When you go to have a shower, step out and then realize there are no clean towels for you to use.

When people come over and use up ALL your towels, then throw them into the tub when it's not empty yet, soaking all your towels and you don't notice until a day later and by then there is mold on them.

When people squish the bar of soap into weird shapes and it makes it jabby.

When people leave the thingy on the tap part up so that the water comes out from the showerhead onto your head and it's all COLD water.

Dirty, ripped shower curtains.

Running out of shampoo and conditioner sucks.

Slipping and falling on your ass, breaking your neck and then drowning in an inch of water.

Stinky soap.

Having to clean the shower.

Bath mats that don't stick.

Showerheads that clog up.

Showers that shower shit on you.

Clogged shower heads that fall on your head when you turn the shower on.

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