What sucks about school.
So a bunch of you freaks have recently started school again. In case you didn't already know why that sucks so much, here is a list to help you out. Yes we'll be adding to this list, and no, don't send your reasons in. When we want your opinion, we'll ask for it.

You have to figure out the perfect time to wake up that allows you just enough time to get dressed and get to school on time.

The classrooms are all renumbered and named to confuse everyone thoroughly.

All the teachers spend the week establishing their authority, or trying to convince you their class won't suck major ass.

Your schedule will be all blurry, and you'll go to the wrong classes for a week before you or any of the teachers/professors notice.

Textbooks now are a regulatory 2 tons each.

Your classes will all be a 15 minute walk away from each other, and you'll have only 5 minutes.

Teachers that have some sort of mutated accent where they can't even understand themselves, yet somehow you're supposed to be taking notes on what they're saying.

Being told resentfully after sitting down for a class that it's 'people like you' who will be taking jobs away from the teacher in 10 years.

Finding out you're in some shitty class that only sounded cool, and you can't find any other class to switch to.

Going to a university/college far away from where you went to highschool, and somehow that asshole you've always hated just happens to be in a bunch of your classes.

Getting a roommate that you absolutely can't stand, and you can't switch with anyone, or get your own room.

Being crammed into a room and expected to actually listen when you've just spent a few months beating your brain into a ball of mush all summer.

Trying to remember anything from your previous years of schooling and all that comes to mind is that fluorescent lights hum really loudly sometimes.

School sucks up a lot of daytime hours that you could spend on other things such as everything you did all summer.

Trying to get shit done on the school's website (because that's the only way you can sign up for courses, etc.), but getting frustrated because it loads so damn slow. You know the site sucks when a computer savvy family member takes one look at it and says, "I could design one better than that."

Dorm rooms that are the size of a broom closet.

Having to memorize a longass student ID number and feeling like a dumbass when you forget what it is. I have a name. I'm not a number!

Not being able to find anything in your school's library, so you have to extend your 'research time' by going to another library. No one should have to spend an entire day or waste a precious evening doing research.

Idiotic students who try to be insightful and profound, but just end up going way off topic.

Teachers that believe the best way to learn is by copying notes from an overhead projector the entire class--or, in other words, TWO HOURS.

Teachers that obviously hand-picked the most expensive books you can buy. Those books always seem to be a hell of a lot heavier, too.

Counselors who don't counsel--rather, they confuse.

Lazy and boring as hell instructors who talk about English when it's a Geography class and mysteriously don't show up which ends up being a class, and money, wasted.

Closed-minded instructors can lick me today.

Looking at your bank account after you've paid your college/university tuition and purchased all of your books is a sad, and sucky, event. Very sucky indeed.

Realizing a year or two into your program/degree that you hate the whole thing and want to just quit, but don't want to throw all that money away or face your parents.

When your friends move away to go attend some cool school while you're stuck in the cheapest one you could find all by yourself.

All the cool and interesting people have dorms on the other side of the campus, and you're stuck with a building full of people you hate.

You live too close to the school to justify having your parents put you up in dorms so you're stuck living at home.

You live close to the school but your parents want you OUT and force you into a dorm room with some idiot who seems to enjoy farting loudly all night while they sleep.

Wandering around in your underwear until noon is not allowed.

Sleeping in late is reduced to two days a week.

You have to start remembering things again.

Seating plans.

Creepy teachers with abnormally long fingers who eat heads of lettuce.

Peer editing something that is so grammatically incorrect that you don't know where to begin.

Boring white walled classrooms.

Heavy textbooks that you don't even bother to read.

Putting off doing homework, rushing to complete it on time...and doing it all over again the following week.

Not being allowed to eat or drink anything in class.

The "no gum chewing" rule.

Having mentally unstable people edit your work (examples: one who calls you a militant feminist or one who gives fair critique, but then proceeds to beat themselves up on being too harsh in a multiple paragraph rant).