Online journals & blogs suck!
Lots of people have them, and they all suck.
Here are just some of the things that suck about either having these or reading them.

People could be obsessed with you, reading everything you write. You are completely unaware of this as they're taking notes about the things you like, the places you go etc.

If you're fighting with something and you post something about it, then they'll post in theirs. Pretty soon it's a public fight, with both of you saying dumbass things.

When you're upset or frustrated with something but don't want to get into it with your friends/family, you can't post how you're really thinking or feeling unless you want to make things worse.

If there IS someone you know is reading your stuff and you don't want them to know where you're going all the time and everything, then you have to start censoring yourself.

When you hang out with friends and they post about their night and you always come off looking stupid but if you say anything it will end up in their journal.

If you're pretending that you're too busy for the internet to avoid someone, then they will simply wait for you to post on your journal. once you've done that, then you'll get hate mail from them saying that you're avoiding them.

Fucked up strangers think they have the right to comment on anything you've put in your journal.

You post in anger and suddenly you're labelled as a huge bitch by all your 'friends' linked to it.

Some people don't know when to shut the hell up in theirs. No one gives a flying fuck about every detail of your stupid day!? Who cares what you wore?!

The people who are posting photos of themselves but claiming they're 'ugly' or 'fat' or something. If they truly didn't like they way they looked, why are they posting photos?

People who post sexy photos of themselves because it's all they think they have going for them.

People who brag about all the drugs/sex/partying they do in an attempt to seem well liked by other idiots.

Those who believe every detail of every post you ever make and then call you on it later.

When your friends post pictures of you hanging out, they always pick the ones where THEY look wonderful and you look like an ugly freak.

People who are stupid enough to post enough information to be able to track them down in person.

Leaving your entries online for over a year allows people to spend hours reading everything you've written. If they're crazy enough, they'll think they actually KNOW you from simply reading the entries. Then, they'll contact you and pretend to be a normal person, who just so happen to love/hate the same things you do.

Having your ex post up pictures of them with a new boyfriend/girlfriend and you can't help but look and feel even worse.

Having people you're arguing with post fake/nasty things for everyone to read and when you don't (to be the better person) then the posts continue and you have to do all you can to stop from going over and punching their face in.

Knowing that your parents read your journal and thus being unable to post party pictures because you told them you were going to the library or something. Then, your friend posts all the photos and your parents see THAT.

Kids stupid enough to brag about partying etc KNOWING their parents read their journals but doing it anyway to be 'cool'.

People who OBSESS over others and blither on in their journals about it. (Writing stories, poems, and all sorts of stuff)

Those who can't figure out how to link images properly so they're always broken.

People who post ten times in one day.

There are so many people using butchered language that it's impossible to read. (2, U, wuzup, 4 etc)

Journals where the colors are so awful it's impossible to read a damned word.

Peope who think that those stupid animated cursors and songs playing upon loading up are 'cool'. They're not, it's very annoying.

Having to pick a 'mood' that suits you but instead you pick the emoticon you like the most.

When you go to sign up with a username, the one you want is always taken and then you get stuck with some shitty one you didn't really want anyway.

Having people you hate reading your stuff and making fun of you.

You spend time customizing it only to have it crash the following week and reset everything to default.

Writing up a huge entry and spending lots of time on it, only to have the journal time out and lose everything you've written.

Posting from work/school and forgetting to change the time so it LOOKS like you posted from home. Then you're caught and get in shit.

Having people reply to your entries and post personal/revealing information and you don't know how to delete their posts.

People who change their design every day, spending hours on it. What a waste!

Being out somewhere and all you can think about is how you're going to describe it in your journal when you get home.

Reading about someone and wanting to be their friend because you have a lot in common, but now you feel like you're some creepy person that reads a strangers journal so you don't make contact with them.

Posting on others journals in an attempt to make friends and being treated like you're some annoying loser when really you're just lonely.

Not being sure what to write about becuase you feel your life is boring and when you post that, you get given shit by friends and strangers about feeling sorry for yourself all the time.

People who write about how much their journal suck but they never attempt to make it better.

Posting entries while drunk and feeling like a dumbass the next day and you're too hungover to figure out how to delete it.

Making things up or copying out of other people's journals because you don't want to write about yourself for real.

People who fill their journal with entries about how depressed they are and how bad their life is, but anyone reading their journal knows 3 entries in that they have no one to blame but themselves.

Reading about someone you like liking someone else in their journal and you're all hurt.

Having someone print out some of your entries and post them around your school/workplace for the sole purpose of making you look like a moron OR they do a screen capture of your post and post it in theirs.

Posting an idea you had and then seeing someone you KNOW reads your journal posting that idea as their own somewhere else.

When reading old entries, you realize what a fucking moron you were only months ago and start deleting them.

After reading the journal/blog of someone you like, you discover what a horrible/stupid person they are and you feel like an idiot for ever liking them.

You post ONE photo of yourself online and suddenly all these losers start sending you messages about how they love you and think you're hot but all you are is creeped the hell out.

After setting up the journal, spending time to make it look right, and post some huge post about how you're going to write in it every other day and get something done in your life, you forget about it until months later. Then, you make another post proclaiming how THIS time you're going to get your life together and post, you forget again for another few months.

People who set up journals just to post once that they hate their journal and then never post again.

People who encourage you to set up journals so they don't have to have actual conversations with you, but can instead just read what you've posted and THEN decide if they want to get into conversation with you.

People who only post lyrics of songs they didn't write.

People who insist on discussing everything you write in your journal with you when they see you in person. "SO, I saw in your journal that you hate salad. Why is that?"

When you ask people how they are while chatting and they reply with a post to their journal so they don't have to speak with you directly.

People who spend way too much time creating the PERFECT avatar/user icon for themselves.

Entries that contain a lot of thought and information, only to be deleted by the person later on.

Putting a lot of thought into a post and no one replies to it. Then, when you post something dumb, everyone you know replies to it.

People who post really pointless stuff in their online journal in the hope that it somehow makes them important

People who post really pointless stuff in their online journal and have a huge number of readers who make them into some sort of minor internet celebrity.

Knowing that you we inevitably read the online journal of people you hate in the hope that they have contracted some sort of fatal and painful disease but instead finding out that they have won the lottery and are marrying your highschool sweetheart.

Reading the journals of promiscuous hot guys/chick who, will seeming willing to sleep with just about anything, wouldn't give it up for you.

The proliferation of really pointless and shitty questionnaires that are rife on online journals.

The proliferation of young, nubile teenagers whoring themselves for attention and money on sites such as whilst using an online journal to hook guys in.

People who read your journal, idolise you and try to become you.

Having an online stalker who follows each of your friends journals as well as yours, and then posts on all of them claiming they're in love with you, as well as threatening anyone who likes you. Then when you ask/tell them to stop, they start posting about what a bitch/asshole you are on everyone's journals and they create a special one dedicated to how much they hate you now.

Being unsure quite why you're doing it but being completely unwilling to stop writing in your online Journal.

Being stopped in the street by someone you haven't talked to directly in years, and they ask you about stuff that you wrote in your journal 2 years ago.

Revealing to the world how much of a moron you are and how bad your spelling is.

Writing up huge journal entries, thinking that you're being witty, interesting and such, only to realize that perhaps you and one other person are reading it.

Writing up a really stupid entry that reveals just how big of a dumbass you are, and having everyone you know just so happen to read it that day.

The stupidest people who have no sense of decency always end up having tons of people reading their journal. Then they become this 'internet celeberty' for being a complete fucking bitch/asshole.

People who think it's ok to say whatever they want online becuase "it's just words on a screen."

People who post gigantic pictures of stupid things or their pets. Sure, you may have a cute animal or something, but 10 5mb pictures on your journal isn't cute at all.

People who post pictures of themselves, thinking that they're sexy, only to be told they're ugly. Don't get angry because you said that you were sexy and we don't all agree! Either toughen up or don't put your sorry ass photos online!

Writing a huge post about how angry or confused you are with something you saw/read and a few days later someone sends you an email with a simple and obvious explanation.

Worrying that you have to be RIGHT about everything you say on your journal, or that people will use it against you.