Ways to master bait and become a master baiter.
For some reason, the search term "how to masterbait" regularily brings people to this site. Seeing as we don't currently offer any information on this, I figured it was time to help out all these misguided people. Bait are usually worms, insects or small fish used to lure another fish to the fishing line so it can be caught.

Use Jedi mind tricks to put the bait under your control. You will become a true master baiter and it will then willingly climb onto the hook and impale itself for you.

Go to a bait school where you can get your masters in baiting. Then you can get a t-shirt and/or hat that proclaims your status as Master-baiter to the rest of the world.

For those that feel bad about using bait, you can now find plastic bait. Not only will it take away your concerns about hurting a living creature, they come in many different colours and textures to please whatever it is you're trying to bait.

Becoming a master baiter takes a lot of time and effort. Find someone who is already a master baiter and ask if you can join them on their next event. Be sure to take notes and pay close attention to everything they do.

Play it soothing music until it falls asleep. When your bait is asleep, you can grab it and put it on a hook, or save it in a tub for use in the future.

Get together a bunch of friends and discuss their ideas about what master baiters do, what makes them masters and what you can do to become a master baiter.

While trying to master bait, try to focus on what you're doing. Don't have lots of distractions and loud noises going on around you.

Join a master baiter club online and ask some questions of real master baiters. They should provide you with helpful information.

When collecting and trying to master bait, use a headlamp so you can use both hands but still be able to see what you're doing.

Find a local master baiter club and attend meetings. They should be able to discuss tips and tricks with you.

Put an ad in your local paper looking for a master baiter to learn under. Hopefully they will take you under their wing and show you how to be the best master baiter you can be.

Don't use tons of chemicals and other artificial means to try to increase the effectiveness of your bait. Try to use natural means so you can become a true mater baiter and not rely on commercial goods.

Always wash your hands before and after trying to master bait.

Talk to your friends and family about you wishes to become a master baiter. Tell them you will need their understanding and support, as being a master baiter takes a lot of time and energy.

Try to think like your bait and imagine being it. Only by understanding your bait and how it thinks will you become a true master baiter.

Clear out a section of your lawn and dedicate it towards farming the best bait you can. Other master baiters in the area should be able to offer you some help, and maybe you can even start selling some of your bait and make a bit of cash.

Once you are a master baiter, make videos to post on youtube and share your knowledge with others so they too can become master baiters.

Do not try to master bait in front of others who find that sort of thing disturbing or offensive. Ask beforehand to avoid bad situations.

Don't be a greedy master baiter. When asked questions by other baiters, give them honest and helpful answers.

Take pictures of yourself as you try to master bait. Then you can see where you are going wrong, where you need improvement and what you're doing when things seem to turn out right.

Don't become one of those master baiters that talks about nothing else but trying to master bait. You will find that your friends and family will grow weary of hearing you talk about it and begin to shun you.