Digital cameras suck?!
Ok so they mostly rock, but still, there are a lot of things that do suck about them at times,
as well as about the people that use them.

Photos that look great in the preview/display end up looking shitty when downloaded to your computer and seen at full size.

Batteries always die at the worst moment, even though you charged them the day before.

Little icons appear on the camera screen and you have no idea what they mean. When you go to look them up in the manual, you have either lost it or the icon isn't there anymore and you forget what it looked like exactly.

People who can't figure out how to download their pictures so it's always full. Then they complain about how their camera is full.

Trying to figure out how to download your photos.

Stores fool you into thinking that the mega-pixels are the only important bit. You end up paying for some big mega-pixel camera and wind up with a 2mb memory card. Then, you find out the memory cards are really expensive. Who cares what the mega-pixel depth is if you can only take two photos?

Losing the camera cable and having to pay a stupid amount to get a new one.

Suddenly EVERYONE thinks they're a professional photographer because they've figured out a setting or two.

Running out of memory JUST when you found something really interesting to take photos of. You have to stand there like an idiot deleting photos to make room for more.

Having the LCD/preview screen suck up all the batteries.

Not having rechargeable batteries.

Forgetting your charger and being stuck with dead batteries.

The camera is so small and light that you can't hold it properly causing all your photos to be blurred.

People who email you 10+MB files that aren't cropped or even rotated to display correctly because they can't figure out a graphics program. (Picasa perhaps? Read about it first.)

Low battery alerts that either give you 5 seconds warning or 50 minutes warning.

Everyone thinks their nightshot photos of lights/lines/blurs are ART.

Somehow you always end up with the shitty brand that breaks easily.

People who like to tell you everything wrong with your camera when you're perfectly happy with it.

By the time you get it on and focused, the event you were going to take a photo of is over.

The auto-focus doesn't always quite focus.

Everyone seems to have a better camera than you.

Now that everyone has a camera, you have to argue with them as to what photos they can/can't put online of you.

The screen and lens gets scratched by you simply thinking about taking a photo.

When trying to download the photos, the batteries die and corrupt a few photos.

Those memory sticks/disks are so small you end up losing the one with all your vacation photos on it.

Sometimes you're not sure you've taken a photo at all until you check.

That default click/photo noise that comes with the camera until you find out how to shut it off.

Going to change the batteries and having the memory stick/card fall out.

There is always ONE friend who always goes too far with their camera.

Not being able to figure out the menus.

People who aren't selective over their photo taking and end up with 20 of the same shot, or hundreds of photos of completely boring events. Then they put it into a slide show and make you look at them all for hours.

Cameras that are so complicated you can't just turn it on and take a damned photo.

Cameras that are so simple that all you do is press on and take a photo.

Now any horny/fat/attention-starved/pedophile/loser/fuckup idiot can take tons of hi-res photos and put them online for the world to see.

Because there are no film rolls lying around to force you into getting them developed, you end up with no printed photos. (Seriously, it's not THAT expensive, splurge every once in a while. Getting a color printer is NOT cheaper unless you print a LOT of them all the time.)

Now ALL your relatives have digital cameras and every damned event meants a ton of faked smiles, stupid poses and multiple emails as they spam you with it the following day.

You're the only one in your family or group of friends that knows how the damned things work so you end up having to show them over and over until you give up and just become everyone's personal photographer or kill them.

You can take so many photos that it's near impossible to sort them properly and ever find the photos you're looking for.

One harddrive failure when you haven't made backups and you lose thousands of photos in one day.

It can be really annoying to figure out how the photos will look printed compared to how it looks on your monitor.

People LOVE taking tons of photos of themselves, especially that same stupid pose from slightly above so they look thinner.