Insane Décor
For all those that need assistance making their home extra insane. If you do any of these, send us pictures.

Put your paintings/pictures on the ceiling.

Have a garden of dead plants and flowers inside your home, and outside, plant plastic flowers.

Use tinfoil as wallpaper to prevent the government and aliens from peering into your thoughts.

Get your fish tank water to match your room using food coloring. If you don't have a fish, even better.

To save money, stuff your pillowcases and cushions with your hair or your pets hair.

Grow grass on the floor instead of having carpet.

collect all your fingernail and toenail clippings in a jar

Paint your walls with peanut butter. You can use crunchy or smooth.

Label everything you own for the convenience of guests and yourself. Make sure to label yourself and them as well.

Paint the windows to save from buying curtains. You can scrape away designs into it, and simply re-paint whenever you want.

Mush up all your used paper goods (including toilet paper) and make your own paper. You can make your own greeting cards out of it.

Paint each wall a completely different color, but make sure they don't actually match or go together in any way.

Have a guest book at the door and force everyone to sign it, including the mail carrier and delivery people. Make sure that you sign in as well.

Finger-paint the walls.

Create a mold garden with leftover food. Name them all once they get to be a year old.

Frame the wrappers off any products you use and display them proudly.

Create ink spot art on your carpets using bodily fluids or broken pens. Ask what other people see, and if it's something you find disturbing, kick them out.

Vomit on canvas then hang it up. It's ART baby.

Create furniture with popsicle sticks, cardboard, empty beer bottles and duct tape.

Get mannequins and dress them in diapers, the pose them around your home.

Spray paint branches with paint and glitter, then nail them to your wall to create your own magical garden of fun.

Paint your entire room ONE color, including all the furniture, walls, floor, and ceiling. EVERYTHING in it is the SAME color.

Put everything on wheels so you can spin it around whenever you want, and it's easier to clean the place.

Install keycode locks on every door in your home, making sure to change the code on the bathroom frequently. That way, only people you approve can use your toilet and view the rest of your place.

Instead of breaking down cardboard boxes and recycling them, paint them and use them to create tables, displays and storage containers for your place.

Put everything you own in one room. Leave the other rooms empty and use them as "tranquillity areas". When you feel stressed, you can go and sit in there for a while.

Use all your old newspapers as wallpaper. Mix water and flour together and paste the newspaper to the wall, making sure to smooth it out so no air bubbles are trapped under it.

For framed art, take photos of the room that the art is being hung in, have it printed onto photo paper and frame it.