Dead body faux-pas.
Things you SHOULD NOT DO with a dead body.

Attach them to ropes and perform plays for neighbourhood children.

Hollow it out and use it for a sleeping bag.

Put it outside, have a webcam fixed on it and watch it slowly deteriorate. (Then put together a time lapse video of it for YouTube.)

Grind them up and turn them into burgers.

Jam a pole up the ass and use it as a scarecrow.

Tie it to yourself and pretend to be that person.

Wrap it up and leave them under the tree for xmas.

Put it on your front porch with a BEWARE OF DOG sign on it as your security system.

Hollow it out , then fill it with candy and use it as a pinata.

Chop it into separate parts, then put them together into new friends.

Chop off the arm and use it as a fly swatter.

Chop off the leg and use it to kick people in the ass.

Chop off the head, strap it to your shoulder and pretend it's your conjoined twin.

Strap it into the passenger seat of your car so you can use the carpool lane.

Strap it to the hood of your car to make it look like you hit it and drive around down with it.

Use it as furniture.

Hollow it out and use it as a human suit.

Drop it out of a window on unsuspecting people.

Drop it out of a window just to see if it will bounce.

Chop off parts and try to sell them online as "decorative objects".

Jam a pole up it's ass, put it in your livingroom and claim it's ART.

Chop off the head and use it as a hand puppet.

Leave it in a neighbours pool.

Beat it with a bat (or hockey stick) on your driveway so all your neighbours can see you.

Put a collar on it and drag it around.

Hollow it out, fill it with vomit and push it off a tall building.

Chop it into pieces and send them to random people in the mail.

Try to convince a fast food chain that you found it in your burger.

Fling it onto airport runways.

Remove a few of the body parts and sew them to yourself so you can pretend to be a mutant.

Strap it to a hockey net and start taking slap shots at it.

Shove it in your fireplace and try to burn it.

Flatten it with a steamroller and use it as a rug.

Skin it and try to upholster a chair with it.

Tie it to a tree and cover it with peanut butter in an attempt to make a bird-feeder.

Leave it at your desk at work and then claim someone else left it there to mess with you.

Dress a few of them up and arrange them around your dinner table, then argue with them.

Handcuff it to your bed and do naughty things to it.

Leave it in someone's bed while they are asleep, and then when they wake up and scream, convince them they killed the person.

Use it as an umbrella.

Use it to practice tattooing, then send it to a local tattoo shop to see if they will hire you.

Take the face and scalp off, then wear it as a mask.