Things that suck about computers, the internet and the people using them both.
That's right, you're in this too. We ALL are.

If you work with computers, people expect you to know EVERYTHING about them... if that were true, do you think i'd be here talking to YOU about computers? no... i'd be off getting paid big bucks

the blue screen of death

programs crashing as you're saving and your work is lost

doing something stupid and realizing it just as you click OK

people who never stop yammering on about mac vs pc's

people who have too many icons on their desktop

annoying sounds that play on startup

people who never read the error messages and then complain about not knowing what happened

error messages that make no sense

having an internet connection that is supposed to be high speed but it isn't

modem noises

people who have horrid color schemes, making it impossible to see things correctly

microsoft assistants - especially the paperclip and his annoying animations/sounds

people who bitch about computers and how they don't work right when they know NOTHING about computers and are just being stupid

people who expect to just plug it in and have it running for 5 years without an error

people who download lots of mp3s/videos etc without a virus checker running and then can't figure out why they get viruses

people who FWD everything to you and don't know how to use the BCC feature so everyone on the planet doesn't get your email and then send you shit too

people who send you tons of jokes to your work email

people who send you links without any explanation as to what they are to etc

pop up ads

ads on yahoo that you have to click close on because they are soooo annoying that you can't ignore them

webcams of people no one cares about

webpages that are hosted on geocities/tripod etc because of all the ads... any business using these free accounts or hotmail addresses are UNPROFESSIONAL

people who charge other people stupid amounts for bad websites

websites that load up with sounds right away and you can't figure out how to shut it the hell up

people who use those comet cursor or other such programs on their site... THAT IS VERY SHITTY OF YOU

websites that prompt you to set that page as your home page...

programs that screw up the sound or video on your computer

when the computer seems to slow down for no apparent reason

when you download avis and for some reason, can't get any sound , just the picture

when sites take all the stuff they have given out for free and suddenly charge you to have it... i'll pay for new stuff...

people who make millions off selling their website name to some spammer company for the traffic

people who sell email addresses to spammers

people who make viruses that effect the people who should be left alone... go bug those big companies that jam popup ads down our throats

people who go online to be racist/religious assholes

anyone who sets up websites that keep opening up pages until it crashes your browser

people who email you asking dumb questions when they could have found the answer themselves by having a brain

those who assume that anything can be sold online without any sort of work

badly designed icons

programs that say they will run on your OS but don't

dvds that force you to install their shitty player program instead of using the good one you already have installed

conflicts in software

deleting the wrong files

not everyone checks their email every day

badly set up mail filters


people who print out all their emails

people who are dumb enough to reply to spam saying 'please remove my email from your list'

counters on websites that don't work


newsgroups where people can't stop being assholes to each other and clutter up an otherwise good newsgroup

people who download all of a bands songs... loves them... claims they are a huge fan but never fork out cash to actually buy the cd or support the band in any way

serial numbers that are legit but still don't work

people who make wish lists and people actually buy stuff for them... why the hell won't you buy ME stuff?

finding broken links on your own site when you aren't able to fix them

forgetting where you've saved a file, what it's called and when you saved it

when you're listening to a song and the computer hangs so about 2 seconds of the songs plays over and over and over until you shut the damn thing off


when CD roms won't spit out the CD in them

hearing your computer fan slowly die and then everything overheats inside

clanky noises from your favorite harddrive

people who can't seem to double click properly

people who go to websites, are offended and instead of clicking to another website, stay on that one and start bitching about how awful it is, then send out links to everyone they know saying 'this sucks!'

people who give out your email address or icq to anyone who asks without permission from you

people who type in all uppercase

when computers start giving you error messages and you mess around with it for an hour to figure out why and suddenly it works again

poorly designed screensavers

people who charge companies for 'designing' a website when it's a template from frontpage or fireworks

spilling your coffee on your keyboard

having a mouse that isn't working right so it just randomly clicks on things

having someone unplug your network cable without telling you and it's the last thing to think to check on

people who think they know something about computers, but only know enough to be dangerous to themselves... then ask you for help and try to tell you how to fix it

people who get a hold of famous people emails and pester them so much they have to change their email

people who change their emails every week and then email you to tell you their new one

people who think they are in love with someone they've never met

people who break up with others through email or icq

tech support people that think you're an idiot and treat you as such even though you know more then they do but they're so busy being assholes they don't give you the information you really need

people who put their email in newsgroup postings and then wonder why they are getting so much spam

having an elaberate sound setup with your computer and forgetting where everything gets plugged into after moving

having the brightness levels drop due to a defective monitor

people who drop off their computers to be fixed but don't tell you their password