By JCP & Schizoid
No, this is not made up, he actually found this.

Our good friend Schizoid from Generation Fuck You sent this to us today with this message:
this is a note i found out front of apartment 2's door in my building...some time's i've seen notes out front but just ignored them...i saw this and read a bit.. came back up to the note and took a picture of
it with my digital camera...this is fucked up shit that i don't understand

This is the funniest thing we've seen in a long time and laughed our asses off!
What's the funniest is that jack asshole is underlined almost every time.

Ideas on what this note is a result of
- the person writing this is randomly targeting some innocent person with these sort of letters
- two insane people are locked in a strange reality of hate letters that will eventually spin out of control and result in one of them being killed by the other
- the note is part of an 'experiment in terror'
- the person who wrote it put it on their own doorstep to see if anyone would read it
- the person who wrote this actually has a split personality and wrote it to themselves but truly thinks that someone else did it when they find it on their doorstep

- it's actually a love letter and the person receiving this gets off on this sort of thing

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