By JCP via email - July 2004-

1. When was the last time you were given shit for something?
Stupid argument with a friend, I was given shit for something that was unreasonable, and I gave him shit tenfold for giving me shit . That wasn't really being given shit . I don't really have authority figures around to give me shit for anything anymore in life (finally!), except at work. And, at work they don't give me shit , the pace of the workplace imposes guilt on me in a way where I rush to get work done, but without being yelled at per say

2. If asked to be on a reality show where you just live in the house with other people and there are cameras all the time, would you agree to it if they paid you a million dollars?
Of course I would, just as long as the million dollars was guaranteed. And as long as I wasn't in physical danger by being around these people

3. Do you have a favorite or 'lucky' number?
Favorite/lucky numbers are sort of stupid. What difference does one number have from another?
Numerologists are morons, like people who examine their feces for the secrets of the universe.

4. What do you do when you're bored?
-Organize my hard drive
-Burn CDs of mp3 albums I was waiting to burn, so that I can have that free space again on my harddrive
-Smoke up
-Look for things to clean
-Check my email
-Bite my fingernails
-Go to or

5. Do you play videogames and if so, what is your favorite and why?
I play video games now and then, more so back in the day, when video games were better
The ones I like the best
Tron 2.0 -> Interesting gameplay, original story, brilliant graphics if you have a good enough PC
Tron -> Classic stand up arcade game from the golden era of video games, reminds me of being 7 years old
Grand Theft Auto -> Life like open-ended killing spree possibilities, all I've ever wanted in a video game
Bubble Bobble (or) Snow Brothers -> Cute video games that are cartoony and you get powerups
SuperMarioBrothers (any) -> Just out of the 'classic' angle of them

6. Have you done anything interesting in the last 2 months?
-Seen Madonna live
-Finished college courses at Computer Programming, achieving straight 90's average
-Put together a compilation for me and friends, of the most extreme rap songs ever made, Volume 2
-Wrote and arranged the music to 2 original DEAD OF WINTER songs after being 'just the vocalist'
-Completed artwork for a CD I am to release on my record label, of one of my favorite bands that I was ga ga over in high school era

7. If I punched you in the face, would you hit me back?
You can bet on it.

8. What is the worst part about your job?
Lack of meaningful work, lack of recognition for a good job done, cynical work environment that is demotivating, being stuck in situations where I'm expected to complete something and I don't have the proper knowhow to proceed, waiting for talkytalky type people to shut up so I can ask the people in question the stuff I need to know about, asking people for help and having them begrudgingly come over to talk to me - as I remind them that I'm only asking a question and not asking them to do my work for me, having to say Hello to people in the morning when everyone first comes in.

9. Why is there no question ten?
Why does there need to be a Question Ten? Why didn't you capitalize Question Ten? Why did you put Question Ten, instead of Question 10 like you have the others numbered?