A random call.
A(nother) bizarre conversation brought to you by JCP

<JCP dials randomly and listens to it ring until it's picked up by some guy>

Some guy : Hello?

JCP : Hello! I'm calling from the insane domain.

Some guy : The what?

JCP : The insane domain.

Some guy : Insane domain?

JCP : THE insane domain.

Some guy : What the hell is that?

JCP : It's a website.

Some guy : Okay.

JCP : Seeing as we promote insanity and general randomness, we decided to call you today.

Some guy : We?

JCP : Okay, me.

Some guy : How did you get this number?

JCP : I dialed it randomly.

Some guy : <pause> Do I win anything for answering?

JCP : Just the joy of speaking with me.

Some guy : That's not much of a prize.

JCP : No, it's not.

Some guy : <click> <sound of dial tone>