Mike Patton
By DC via email - October 31 2002

DC didn't think he would actually answer... so here is the first 'interview' that was done as a joke.
Check out ipecac.com, patton's label... there are some interesting artists on the label.

Would you like it if your fans came up and gave you toys from local fast food restaurants instead of asking for autographs?
Probably not, unless the toys are cool, but I'm not a Winnie the Pooh type of guy. There is nothing wrong with autographs unless it is someone trying to make money.

Is there any city that you'd like to play for a week straight?
Hmmm. New York, Rio, somewhere in the Greek Isles, Tokyo.

While you're on the road, do you find that you throw things out the window instead of disposing of it in a more polite manner?
Me??? No way! Give a hoot, don't polute!

If your own shit tasted good, would you eat it?

This question has to be asked when interviewing you... the color blue has been appearing on tv more then ever, does it make you want to sing songs about it or make the next album cover you do blue?
I have been reading about the development and beginning of the US railroad system.

Are you concerned in any way that you will bang your teeth into the microphone and break them?
Been there, done that. You can't worry about it.

Does anyone in your family listen to any of your cds?
Yes, everyone in my family. That is why I make music, to entertain my family.

If you were a cartoon character, how often would you be drawing a door on a wall and going through it to escape people you don't want to talk to?
Why bother, just erase the people you don't like, get drunk with Homer and get it on with the Powerpuff Girls.

Do you worry that crazed fans install cameras in your hotel rooms to see what color of underwear you have and maybe they'll sell the videos on ebay?
No, my manager does that and WE make the $.

There is no question ten but thanks for getting this far.
What else have I got to do?