PAM from HENNESSEY interview.
By Mzebonga via email - June 2004-
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1. So, how long have you been doing the whole music thing?
The piano lessons - age 5 or 6. The singing at parties after too much beer - age 17. The playing in a rock band for fun (read: free) - age 18. And finally, the playing in a rock band for nominal amounts of money - age 20 to the present.

2. Did your parents force you into it or did you do so willingly?
See piano lessons note. They allowed me to quit when I became too cool for piano at age 13 (which I regret now, of course).

3. If you could pick one song that you could erase from time and then release as your own, what would it be and why?
Hoo boy, that's a tough one. I wish "Let's Get It On" was mine, all mine, but nobody could ever have done it better than Marvin Gaye.

4. Musically, Canada is famed for Alanis and Celine Dion. How does that make you feel?
Man! I feel like a woman. (you forgot about Shania)

5. This is your opportunity to tell the world any reasons why Hennessey should be on that list too. Or maybe just you. Who's to say you need the rest of the band? They've been holding you back for too long! Mwa-hahahahaha.
You got that right, mister! I am a very nice, very good-looking person with very good-looking, very nice songs. Please vote for me.

6. So you must do a lot of performances. Do you think you could go all night?
Er, is that a pick-up line? I'm not sure that it works.

7. I can play saxophone and also know 6 chords and 3 riffs on Guitar. Other than Pop Idol, do you think I could ever find a way to break into the music industry?
3 riffs on Guitar can take you very, very far. You don't even need to know how to sing. Are you good-looking?

8. In a fight between Johnny Poptart and me, who would win?
Johnny would kick your ass, man. Time and again I've seen him go ballistic on random audience members. It's not a pretty site.

9. Are you the type of girl who, subsequent to the aforementioned fight, would feel more amorous towards him in his masterful manliness or me, sobbing and bleeding on the floor?
Listen here pal, is this interview about you or me?

10. Do you think it's conceivable that I could be your Buddhamatic? I brought this burned out Joan Jett for you.
I'm still waiting for decent definition of the term "Buddhamatic" from Rory. Will let you know.

11. If I give you this question to pimp anything to do with your band or even yourself, what would you do with the opportunity?
Buy our record. Buy three.

12. Just for the record, because I'm going to get a lot of grief about it, this Interview: Was it good for you?
Scintillating, thank you.