Azkath from Last Exit for the Lost
By JCP via email - Mar 7, 2006
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1. Who is the most interesting person you’ve gotten to interview or talk to on the air?
Wow, um, Bruce Dickinson, Karyn Crisis, Crappy the Clown ( and Shoebox of Worm Quartet (

2. Is there a self-destruct button anywhere on your sound equipment? If not, WHY NOT?
Yes. It has been pushed a couple of times at least.

3. How often do people phone in, try to request really awful stuff and then angry that you never play what they request?
Not counting Sock Monkeys, Monkeys, and Hand Puppets, never.

4. Do you try to get each other to mess up or laugh while on air?
That is pretty much the goal 100% of the time. Any of us feel very accomplished if we can get one of the others to laugh so hard they can no longer talk... Or fluster them beyond their ability to recover.

5. When was the last time you had someone call in and request Elvis?
A few weeks ago.

6. How addicted to caffeine are you all and how much do you drink of it each day?
Some of us a lot, there are those here that would inject it directly if they could. Others of us do not need caffeine...

7. Question seven has been removed due to copyright infringements and poor taste.
How do you feel about that and do you plan on protesting in any way? Poffee Cot.

8. If I gave you five dollars, would you play some Faith No More songs for me? (Epic isn’t allowed.)
We play Faith No More regularly, and avoid Epic. We played Chinese Arithmetic a few weeks ago, and most of the people on this show like Mike Patton and/or Faith No More...

9. Seeing as you use some of my questions from the questionnaire on your radio show, don’t you think I should get some sort of free gift or a cushy job or something from you people?
How about we send you some of our wacky DVD's from the show, where we plug your site since we stole a couple of questions? Actually we plug your site anytime we steal a question, and in our e-mails. You rock.

10. What is the most insane thing that’s happened while doing the show but you couldn’t say anything about it on-air?
I don't know if there is anything we have not talked about on the air. I do not know if there is any level of insanity that we would keep quiet about. What fun is that? This last week we through most of a band into the snow, we crushed a Coffee Pot on a co-hosts head, and there was some bizarre groping going on. We've set people on fire, rolled them down the road in office chairs (not while they were on fire though), plastic wrapped people, covered co-hosts in CD's and sent them around town, same with Stickers, Oh, and we often squeeze people into giant pants. 4 people so far have been able to get in and button them. People have had chairs, CD Players, VCR's, a Playstation 2, and various other things broken on them. People have been duct taped, attacked with Sock Monkeys, gotten pies in the face, attacked with whipped cream, cake, puppets, and a giant roll of life savers. So yeah, I don't think there is anything we haven't discussed on the air, video taped, and taken pictures of. Many of those are up on our site at