By Darby via email - October, 2002
1)What gave you the idea for your site?
Well it began when I tried learning HTML. At first nothing was actually put online, but I would just make up text to go on the page I was creating. Some of it was pretty strange, so I kept it. After awhile, I started putting things online for a few of my friends. DC then decided to start doing some 'articles' of sorts, and suddenly we had people visiting the site. So we kept adding things to it, and when DC and myself began to learn different HTML and graphics during our 9 to 5 jobs, it was more interesting to learn while creating strange graphics for our own site. Each design change has been due to new programs we're learning. At the same time, we've kept it bare bones, keeping the focus on the content.

2)How long as your site been around?
I started calling my site 'the domain of insanity' 1996. I would have to say that it was the true beginning of, as it had things that suck, people that suck, and insane thoughts & ideas on it, as well as some things by DC. Everything before that was just 'playing'.

3)What's the thing you love most about having your own site?
I can put my own idea of what's interesting online and don't have to put up with pop-up banners.

4)What type of crowd do you like to draw with your site?
Strange people, those who have a twisted sense of humor, people who are freaks in their own realities.

5)Are there any other sites you own/help with?
I personally own no other sites, though a company I own does. I help, as schizoid is a good friend of mine. I helped with the design, and proof-read stuff when asked. He is the only other person I know that obsesses over a website like I do with theinsanedomain.

6)What influences you to write the material you use for your site?
Life, stupidity, randomness. People in general. Everyone seems to forget about being creative when they're not a kid anymore, and this is my own way of making sure I stay creative.

7)Are there any writers? If so, what are their names? What do they write?
There are four members who contribute to the site. Only two actively write on a weekly basis (DC and myself), and the others (SAnimal and Cyan.) just send something whenever they feel the urge. DC and I generate the rest of the content. We did have someone writing a column for awhile, but I think he returned to his home planet.