HANSEL interview.
By JCP via email - August 2003 -

The website has mp3s to download etc.

1. Can I come and scream in your place too?
Alan Fux: no. well, it depends. ok sure why not.
M.Lopex: definitely maybe.

2. Do people make stupid 'gretel' jokes when they hear your band name?
Alan Fux: yeah all the time, and hanson jokes... like we havent heard it before.
M.Lopex: hanson we've even been announced as once... so i guess somewhere theres 40 or 50 people who think hanson started doing crack and playing with samplers.

3. Why DID they give you five bucks?
Alan Fux: well, im not sure, they left it for me to find.. leaving a whirlwind of hate on the behalf of my friend who was consumed with jealousy.

4. What's the worst movie you've ever seen?
Alan Fux: definately jingle all the way.. arnold swarz., sinbad and tom arnold, holy FUCK!!
M.Lopex: deuce bigalow male gigolo, with that annoying guy from SNL. although, in all fairness it did lose points for getting lost behind my girlfriends TV for a month and running up my blockbuster bill to all hell.

5. Does karl from shop and save know he's in your song and does it make him feel special?
Alan Fux: im sure he doesnt, however if youd like to hear karl's voice as well as greg lindhams check this link- www.prankcall.us

6. If we gave you 12 cents would you do a little dance for us?
Alan Fux: yeah sure, but 12 cents doesnt buy much to look at.
M.Lopex: im holding out for a dollar.

7. Do you create the music or write the lyrics first?
Alan Fux: music first, then mumbles then decifering mumbles into lyrics, rarely we write lyrics first, but it has happenend before.

8. Will you write a song about eating bugs and feeling them squirm around in your stomach?
Alan Fux: yeah, actually i will, and ill name it after you too, seriously.
M.Lopex: we'll run it by our marketing department on monday.

9. Why did you use the song title plancks konstant? Is one of you interested in physics or something?
AL: fuck yeah!! fucking thermodynamics and some shit, like particle accelerations and real stephen hawking style shit!!!
M.Lopex: yeah i reckon we are heavy into questions of spacetime and understanding reality and shit... i mean what reasonably intelligent person isnt? but that song's not about that or anything, just a name like any other.

10. There is no question ten.
M.Lopex: i agree.
Alan Fux: yes definitely true.