Trevor Dunn interview.
By JCP Jan 23, 2003.
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Did you get any cool toys for xmas?
My mom sent me a juicer. I guess you could call that a toy. I juice everything now. Juice is good for you. It's easy to digest.

When bored while on a tour bus, do you sometimes take things that belong to other band members and throw them out the window just for some excitement?
No, what I do is get really drunk and throw my own stuff out the window.

If you had an extra PlayStation 2 kicking around, would you give it to me?
Yes, I would. If I had only one I would give it to you, as well as an XBox or MBox or whatever the fuck those things are.

When you're writing songs, do people bother you by constantly coming in and asking "How's the song going?"?
No, I don't tell anyone I'm working on a song until it's finished. In fact, I lock myself in a very small, dark room with a pot of tea and a pencil and I don't answer the phone. Well, that's pretty much what I do whether I'm writing a song or not.

If hell was playing forever in a city you hate playing in, what city would it be?
Hmmmm, so many choices....I would have to go with Stuttgart, Germany.

If you were a cartoon character, would you be a smurf, or something cool?
Fuck the smurfs. I never liked the smurfs. Fred Durst is a smurf. I can't believe he's dating Brittney. Bastard.

Is dental hygenie important to you, even when on tour?
Oh, absolutely. I mean, I only brush my teeth once a day, which may seem unusual, but I've also only had one cavity my entire life.

Do you hate it when Mike Patton gets drunk and starts bragging about how he was in Faith No More?
Yeah, it's a drag. He starts telling unintelligible stories about famous assholes he's hung out with like Axl or that Durst idiot. Then, if you're not totally paying attention to him, he freaks out and starts breaking everything on the bus, pissing all over the place, etc. Once he puked in my bunk. I was pretty drunk too though, so I didn't notice until a couple of days later.

How often do you go online and into chat rooms just to argue with people?
All the time. That's pretty much how I get all of my ideas.

If I paid you twenty dollars, would you give me a ride to your next show in Toronto?
You mean you want us to pull up to your house in a bus? Well, sure, ok. But keep in mind that because of complicated Canadian border-crossing legistics we may show up quite early. And you better keep your mouth shut. Actually, we'll probably be in a van, so I'll accept $15 (that's US buddy).