The man with the bubblegum house
DC spends an interesting moment with a man who lives in a bubblegum house.

DC: so uh, your house is made from bubblegum?
ubblegum man: yes

DC: what the hell made you do that?
bubblegum man: well I was chewin on some gum one day and I thought to myself  'damn all this spittin out of gum is a waste.  what can I do to make this better?'

DC: well?
bubblegum man: well I decided that I would make a house out of gum.  I went around for a few years scraping used gum from off the streets, buses, under restaurant tables and in kids shoes. I organized it according to color and then shaped it into bricks, and other things.

DC: so how were you able to build it and have it strong enough to stay up?
bubblegum man: well I used the oldest gum for the outside, hammered out into a protective shell. then there's a layer of newer chewed gum in between that and the interior wall.  gum is quite sturdy

DC: you're a freak.  how have you decorated your home then? do you have carpet?
bubblegum man: no no carpet.  each room is a different color, my living room is purple right now with grape gum...  but when I get tired of it I just chew up a new color and stick it on.  each room has its own color and flavor.

DC: don't you get stuck to everything? do you find that your pets get gum in their fur?
bubblegum man: I shave my pets and myself daily... and once the gum has been worked a bit, it's not sticky anymore but smooth and shiny.  you know that using gum is quite cost effective and  helps keep this gum out of the landfills or making our cities dirty.

DC: i'm leaving now so do you have anything to add?
bubblegum man: I'd like to ask everyone to kindly send me their used gum.
just put it in a plastic bag and mail it to me... it doesn't cost much. thanks