Little Orphan Annie
A bizarre conversation brought to you by JCP

JCP: I want to be little orphan Annie. I'm gonna get a dog and call it Sandy, get a little red dress, a short red haired wig and then sing and dance my little orphan ass off.

Mzebonga: What?

JCP: Pretty fucked up isn't it?

Mzebonga: Ummm...

JCP: Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll love ya tomorrow, it's only a DAYYYYYY AAAAAAWAAAAAAAY.

Mzebonga: Is this on your resume?

JCP: It should be.

Mzebonga: Haha

Mzebonga: Please tell me what is happening. I'm scared.

JCP: TOMORROW TOMORROW It's only a day away

Mzebonga: Well, no, it's 2 hours and 12 minutes away

JCP: For you. You have PARENTS

Mzebonga: I'm so confused

JCP: Yea?

Mzebonga: Mostly, yes

Mzebonga: Are you going to help me out or just leave me like this? WHY ARE WE TALKING ABOUT ANNIE?

JCP: I hate Annie. I'm glad she's an orphan.

Mzebonga: I'm not. If she wasn't an orphan, we'd never have had it all rammed down our throats.

JCP : Hmmm