Fish On Wheels.

Fish on wheels is an idea that occurred to me many years ago. I had been talking with a friend about the future of fish.  You see, a pond near me was starting to dry up and the future of the fish population was grim.  What would happen to the fish when the water was gone?  They'd die.

I stood there for a moment, trembling with outrage before an idea occurred to me -fish should have wheels.

By equipping fish with wheels, they could just drive to a new body of water.  The wheels could be strapped on the fish along with a backpack of water.  A backpack of water would be attached to the gills of the fish to flush them with water every second.  Bigger backpacks can have a special pouch to contain the baby fish so no one gets left behind.

Since the fish on wheels can only hold so much water, small water stations would be built along the roads for them to refill their backpacks.  Even small fish highways can be built so they can quickly drive to their desired body of water.  In the case of accidents, emergency aquariums on wheels would be on call.

I am sure that this is the future for fish everywhere.