Sterilization Plan Goes Forward.

The debate has raged on for days now but the decision to go ahead with a global sterilization plan for humans project has finally been made. Starting in late 2003, each human on the planet will be sterilized.

According to experts, this global sterilization of all humans will put an end to world hunger, depletion of natural resources, homelessness and world peace within 100 years. Crime rates and disease fatalities are expected to decrease with this plan in place. Although some have complained that they should have the right to breed, those who were making the decision ignored them.

"If they want to breed then their view is irrelevant. These are exactly the type of people that will be stopped with our plan." Says Dr. Marvin Tralis, of the People Against Breeding Foundation (PABF).

"Any idiot can pop out a kid"
- Tralis (PABF)

Tralis has pioneered many anti-breeding programs such as "No Baby Day" in April of 2001. The growing support behind the (PABF) and other such movements have forced the government to admit that they haven't been monitoring the breeding situation.

"Any idiot can pop out a kid." Tralis explains, "The parents haven't been taught how to think for themselves, so they bring up another mindless idiot. Our school systems are jokes, what does anyone learn there besides that other people suck? It's time for people to stop breeding and start thinking. If we can't do that then we deserve to be wiped out."
The plan details will be made available online, and each country will be putting the proper framework in place to locate each human on the planet and sterilize them.

For those that disagree with the plan, you can register your dissatisfaction at the nearest local jail. Be sure to bring along anyone who is supportive of your views. For those who discover family members who object to this plan or decide to get pregnant before they are sterilized, please report them to your local police department and you will be rewarded with valuable cash and prizes.