June 2007

I was gone from this website for a while and while I was gone, I re-organized my closet a few times, made some new friends and all sorts of stuff! The photos are just pictures of shoes I like that I found online!

This year Easter was really fun! I got to share a basket of Peep treats with my friend and there was even a stuffed Peep that I could hug! I wore bunny ears and they made me feel all like a bunny and I was cute!

Johnny Poptart and JCP like to take lots of photos so I decided to try and take photos of myself and my friend and the pictures were funny but so many were blurred because I giggle when I take photos. Maybe I will learn to balance the camera on my tail and keep it steady so that pictures don't get blurred anymore!

My mom bought me a sweater and it was PERFECT! I love it so much I wear it all the time and when people see me wearing it then they ask me if I love hugs and I tell them I do and then I get to hug them! It keeps me warm at night and when I get hot I can fold it up and use it as a pillow.

I was going to give everyone in the world have a pair of shoes and call it "A shoe for every foot" but then I found out it would cost money for people ship me shoes and I'd have to spend money sending them away! I'll just be nice and let people borrow my shoes when they need them. When I'm rich then I will get a pair of shoes for everyone in the world and we can all dance!

I sort of forget anything else that happened but I'm sure it was fun or else I would remember it being bad!
<Giggles> I love hugs!