Santa is Satan.
Many people have pointed out that Santa is a very similar name to Satan. Not knowing the truth, people have grown up thinking that they are two separate characters, doing entirely different things. We've come up with a list of reasons why we think they're the same character. Of course, both are entirely made up and are not meant to portray actual individuals or beings in any shape, way or form - which is why they are called characters instead of people..

Same letters in their names, all you have to do is move the N.

No coincidence that they both look the same. They're fat, have beards, and are known to wear a lot of red.

Likes to hear children laugh, which sounds almost exactly like children crying.

Santa enjoys punishing the 'bad' children by giving them coal. Satan resides in the eternal flames of hell, and conveniently has access to a lot of coal.

Enjoys torturing people by tightly wrapping gifts. You spend five minutes opening it up, only to find out that it's just socks, or something useless. Then, the torture continues as you smile and pretend you like it so you don't look like a spoiled brat.

Claims he can 'see you when you're sleeping' etc. This is just damned creepy.

Wants places 'lit up'. This symbolizes the burning flames of hell. Same goes for Christmas trees.

If having to spend a lot of time with family members and people you hate isn't hell on earth, I don't know what it.

Encourages the use of statues, posters, flags and other decorations with his image on it. Not only that, but he has others dress up as him and lie to children.

Encourages kids to want and demand toys/things that other kids have, or to have them to rub into the faces of other kids.

Likes to bounce children on his lap and then give them things if they've been 'good'.

Flies around the world on a sleigh, breaking into peoples homes and leaving them tempting gifts and trinkets to play with. By doing this, he buys your soul for another year.

Red-nosed reindeer? Sounds more like a demondeer.

Each of the reindeer have their own names, and must be specifically called by name to 'fly'. Everyone knows that demons can only be controlled by using their names. The demondeer must be bound to Santa/Satan, forced to haul his sleigh through the air.

Magic bag of toys. Witchcraft, plain and simple.

The name Christmas. What it actually stands for is christ massacre. It's not when Jesus was born, (his character was actually born in October), it's when people are supposed to go out and kill christians. The term 'Merry Christmas' is actually from someone mishearing someone saying "I wish you kill many christians."

Constant laughing. Everyone knows that evil people like to give out a great big laugh when they're doing something evil. Santa/Satan seems to be constantly laughing, with an insane twinkle in his eye.