Trains are evil. They don't even try to swerve.
April 26 2007 - by drunkennewfiemidget -

This headline should read: Man tries to make someone else pay for his stupidity.

A Nova Scotia man named Enos William Crouse is suing Via Rail and CN Railway Co. because his truck was hit by a train.

How stupid do you have to be to get hit by a train? Most railway crossings have wooden dividers and flashing lights to warn you of oncoming trains.

Even if this particular crossing didn't have them, what would any normal, sane human being who possesses a driver's license do when coming to a train track with no warning method?


They would stop, look both ways, and proceed if it were safe to do so.

I hope the Canadian court systems kick this moron out on his ass for wasting the court's time, and make him pay court fees. It's sheer nonsense. You can't just go fishing for a scapegoat when your own blatant asshattery causes you to ruin your truck, and mess yourself up.

Part of his claim is for 'damage to his vehicle'. Something tells me that's part of his claim because his insurance company raised his rates because he was found to be at fault.

For the good of mankind, I hope he hasn't and doesn't breed