The rant zeitgeist.
Jan 23/07 - by drunkennewfiemidget -

Call me a copycat, but I'm terribly curious.

I want to see just what kind of a traffic difference would be made if I were to write an article that contained many of the most recent common google search terms as outlined in google's zeitgeist.

Many of the words on the list I don't even know. Who is Shawn Hornbeck, and why should I care?

Why are people still searching for Paula Abdul? I realise she's a judge on American Idol, but, is she really that interesting?

A search for Martin Luther King Jr Day, I can understand. That makes sense. The day was this year, and he is a subject that definitely deserves researching.

The Golden Globes? Let me sum them up for you: they sucked.

WTF is Tony Curtis? I realise I could search for him myself, but I don't really care.

Water intoxication? That story about the lady who held her wee for a Wii is really that intriguing to people? Not to say her story isn't an interesting one, but finding it in the top 10 of google seems pretty interesting.

And who's Tricia Helfer? There's all these names on the top 10, but I don't recognise most of them.

Then there's the more common ones that will probably always get huge ratings. Like "Britney Spears naked". Let me save you the trouble and say, "it's nasty." Mmmk?

Or perhaps Kramer (or Mike Richards) of Seinfeld's outburst. That was interesting. He's an idiot. The end.

Then there's all the TV shows people are watching now: 24, Grey's Anatomy, American Idol, etc.

All the great shows on TV are being ignored: The Class, Corner Gas, Degrassi, and Gilmore Girls.

The fun thing I find is people who search on Google for sites that would work if you just chucked www in front and .com on the end: myspace, wikipedia, mininova.

Then there's all the fads that've come about in the last few years on the Internet: livejournal, myspace, youtube, google video, radioblog, metacafe, podcasting.

Let us not forget all the morons in hollywood that keep getting our attention, but don't deserve it: Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, Eva Longoria, Lyndsay Lohan, Pink, Britney Spears, etc.

What the hell is 'bebo'?

As well as the people curious as to the origin of borat, hezbollah, the iraq war, george w bush, iraq, north korea, and iran.

Political searchers are searching for Obama, McCain, and Clinton.

People searching for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes baby, Suri are freaks. As are the ones searching for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's baby Shiloh.

There's many more, but this is more a test than anything anyway. :)