Left-wing, right-wing, or common sense?
June 12 /06 - by drunkennewfiemidget -

The whole world's gone fucking mental.

There are two schools of thought on the political spectrum -- well, at least that's what many will have you believe.

There's the left. They've been accused of being pansy assed whiners who're too touchy feely, and think that a 'task force' needs to be assigned to everything.

Then there's the right. They've been accused of being pushy, rude, money-whoring, economical gap widening crooks.

Both of them are pretty much exactly that.

Where is the common-sense party? I want to join it. The two choices are both terrible. Both have some good ideas for some things, but both also are completely fucking mental on other issues.

Here are some common sense rules that need to be implemented:

Good ideas from the "left":

  • A woman should have a right to choose, but put a limit on it. Abortion isn't a method of birth control, but if a woman takes all the necessary steps, but it happens anyway, she has a way out, for the sake of everyone involved.
  • Gay people should absolutely be allowed to marry. If two people love eachother, and want to commit to one another in the eyes of the law and society, damn well let them. It's not like anybody wakes up in the morning and goes, "Ya know what? I think I'm going to go gay!". And don't give me that slippery slope bullshit, either. Being homosexual is something a person is born with, and it's just how they are. People choose to be polygamists and pigfuckers.
  • Stem-cell research is a good thing and will allow for many health-related technological advances.

Bad ideas from the "left":

  • Putting warning labels on everything even for the most mundane, nonsensical, whiny-assed, bullshit reasons. (Ever seen: "warning! do not eat!" on something as stupid as a gum wrapper?)
  • Having the ability to sue anyone for just about any fucking reason imaginable. When did the American dream become ambulance chasing instead of working hard?
  • Bureaucratic nonsense. Too many 'support groups', too many 'investigations', 'task forces', and 'committees'. Nothing actually gets done anymore, just planned, considered, and thought about.
  • All of this touchy-feely raising your kids by being their 'friend' instead of their parent, and letting them 'explore ideas' themselves, and censoring everything on the fucking planet so they grow up to be pansy-assed whiny little bastards when they grow up who're completely unequipped to handle the reality that is REAL FUCKING LIFE.
  • Opening drug habit support clinics on the public's dime to help 'rehabilitate' re-occurring drug abusers.
  • Too much 'rehabilitation' not enough 'punishment'.
  • Placing the blame where it doesn't belong. A child plays a violent video game, and shoots up his neighbourhood. Who do we blame? The video game, and Marilyn Manson. Some logic there.

Good ideas from the "right":

  • You come on my property, and you wave a gun in my family's face, or otherwise jeaopardise the safety of those I love, you're damned right I'm going to do whatever it takes to ensure my family's safety. Nobody should have the right to sue me for doing so, either.
  • We need to drop most of the long debunked, social programs that're abused by worthless morons who spend their welfare and disability cheques on booze, and tighten up the programs that do exist so that they're less easily taken advantage of -- local liquor stores' busiest day of the month is welfare cheque day. Something's wrong there.
  • The death penalty. If you sexually molest children, or rape & murder women, you need to die. It's really that simple. With a pair of vice grips, and a claw hammer, preferably.

Bad ideas from the "right":

  • The "right" to bear arms is an outmoded idea that was put in place when owning a weapon was necessary for the purpose of protecting ones safety from colonialists and when people actually went out and shot their food instead of standing in line at the grocery store prodding it in the meat section.
  • Thinking that church and state should be intertwined, and laws should be based on christian law.
  • Pretty much everything George W Bush has done since "winning" the election in 2000.

I don't know if that makes me centre, or just left-wing in some ways, and right-wing in others, but it's time somewhere in the world got a politician who wasn't more interested in his own personal agenda than that of his people, and actually did what was right, made sense, and was actually agreed upon by > 50% of the population -- that is what democracy is supposed to be, isn't it?