Marginally Jaded
Mar/07/06 - by drunkennewfiemidget -

Sometimes I wonder.

I wonder if I'm sitting in a small margin all by myself, or if I'm in the middle of the bell curve with (almost) everyone else.

Both the stereotypical 'left-wing' and the stereotypical 'right-wing' piss me off.

Maybe it's just the extremists.

On the right, you've got people who generally don't think a woman should have the right to choose, don't think gays should be allowed to wed, think owning a gun is some sort of right of passage, war is a good answer to our problems, and our environment is going to just fix itself.

On the left, you've got all this touchy-feely, love-thy-neighbour, support-group lovey dovey shit. They think a 'focus group' is a good way to fix everything, grocery stores should be sued if a patron slips on a grape while they visit, warnings should exceed the size of the product's label on dangerous products, and we need more schools and hospitals to take care of alcoholics, drug abusers, etc.

What a bunch of fucking nonsense.

When Rowan comes home from school with a scratch on his knee or a bruise on his face like he did today from slipping on the ice while out tobogganing, we don't call a support group or ask the school's safety policies be reevaluated, we say, "boys will be boys" and expect he'll get those kinds of bumps and bruises while growing up, and move on.

I've slipped in the parking lots of stores, slipped on shit on their floors in the aisles, etc. In those cases, I went, "ow, fuck.", got up, and continued with my day. I can understand suing the place if maybe there was a sharpened axe sticking out of the wall.

I've watched people who're considered 'slow' get disability cheques every week while they sit at home and played Nintendo. There's no reason these fuckers can't be packing boxes in a factory.

Maybe I'm just a jaded prick and I hate everybody.

I'm OK with it.