My irrational problems.
Dec 11/06 - by drunkennewfiemidget -

Most of these issues I have I realise are either completely irrational, or irrelevant, but I just have to get them off my chest.


On my drive into work, I usually listen to Q 107's John Derringer. He's a great morning show host, and not an obnoxious fucktron like Dean Blundell over at 102.1 and his gang of idiots.

Anyway, 102.1, Q107, and AM640 in Toronto are all owned by Corus Entertainment. Corus has a commercial contract with a few companies that drive me up a wall because their commercials are just so bad.

First, is this clothing company in Toronto called Cory's (I presume I'm spelling it right). The commercials appear to be given by the owner, or manager, or something, by telephone, and they're called in weekly. The commercials are irritating, and he comes off as nothing more than a pretentious prick who sells clothes for far too much money.

Then, if you're Canadian, you've probably seen or heard those damn Sleep Country Canada commercials featuring Christine McGee. Her annoying commercials make me want to stomp on kittens or something.

In Kitchener, there's a radio station called Kool-FM. I listen to it occasionally. But they have a voice actor (presumably) that they've hired to do those tiny little promos between commercials and songs, where he'll say something to the effect of, "the city's best music mix, 105.3, Kool FM." The guy doing the speaking, however, has no place in radio, since he can't seem to control his saliva, and you can hear it in the back of his throat when he talks, and it's damn near vomit inducing.

Website testimonials.

Another irrational hatred of mine, would be website testimonials. C'mon, tell the truth: has your decision to purchase a product or service on a website ever been swayed by what was said in a testimonial posted directly on the company's site? It's a waste of screen space. Stop it.

Next, everybody's favourite old school pop band, the Beatles. Am I the only person on the planet who thinks their music was absolutely awful? I'd almost rather listen to Britney Spears.

You'll note I said almost.


Oh you crazy, crazy CSI. Why did you have to go from a perfectly decent, watchable show, to a steaming heap of crap I can't bring myself to watch anymore because you employed Kevin FederlineCletus? I can't support a show that feeds into that shitstick's ego.

What about the word irreverent? It's usually used to describe dick & fart joke type movies. Irreverent by definition is something lacking respect, or showing no respect. What's wrong with the word 'stupid'? Dick & fart joke movies are stupid. There's no shame in it, and it doesn't make them any different. They're still fun to watch, and they can still be great movies: Road Trip, American Pie 2, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back. All stupid movies. Also, all great movies. Where's the problem?

On a completely unrelated note, go donate money to the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness now. Right now. Kids all over this country are being abused, and no matter what the situation, it's not their fault.