Tom Cruise is a complete fuckwit.
Mar 29/06- by JCP -

First of all, I'm normally not one to care at all about such things, and I too have heard the stupid shit that Tom has recently done but until now, I tried to ignore it and just thought to myself about how he was a fuckwit. Today, things changed and I simply couldn't hold back, so you'll have to mind the poor language. He wants his girlfriend, wife or whatever to give birth in SILENCE. That's right, SILENCE. When I read this I wanted to punch the monitor.

You want silence as your kid is born, well how about you leave the fucking room Tom? This has got to be the most fucked up thing I’ve ever heard. The last time I checked, childbirth wasn’t the easiest thing on the planet and for anyone, ANYONE to tell the woman going through this to keep quiet during it while not having drugs is FUCKED UP. Who the hell cares if the woman needs to grunt and groan to get something the size of a watermelon out of her? It’s NORMAL to make noise while in distress, performing excessive physical activity and experiencing pain. Tennis players grunt as they hit the ball but this woman isn’t to make noise as she gives birth? Tom Cruise and anyone else who believes in this complete and utter crap needs to smarten the fuck up and focus on what is REALLY important; the health of the mother and the child.

I’m waiting for the day he’s charged with abuse because really, what he’s doing is being a complete control freak, unrealistic and insane and these sorts of people eventually snap over something stupid. He is EXACTLY the type of person that likes to control everyone around them and then will do something extreme when his rules aren't followed. What kind of household is that to raise a child in? What kind of household is that period when someone is such a fucking freak over NATURAL and NORMAL things such as making NOISE?

What is he going to do if she screams her lungs out during birth? Gag her? Cover her mouth? Put a pillow over her head? Is the baby allowed to cry once it's born Tom? Are you going to tell it when it can cry and make HUMAN sounds as well? What if there is a problem and the birthing staff needs to act quickly and you know COMMUNICATE with each other, use sign language? I hope that wife/girlfriend or whatever smartens the hell up and runs far far away with the child so he never sees either of them again.

Fuck you Tom and whatever midget pony you rode in on.