The Normall Family

Paul, Monique and Maggie were a happy family. They would go camping in the summers,
have exciting skiing trips and always got along well.

One day fire broke out in the kitchen while Monique was trying to light her cigarrette on the stove. Her hair caught fire, and since she had so much hairspray in it, it burst into flames and ignited her clothing. She died right there in the kitchen. Paul came home that night and found her charred body. He was deveastated and blamed himself. He had taken her lighter that day for his own greedy purposes.

Paul was too screwed up to even clean up the mess. He had her buried on his front lawn so he could
feel that she was still part of his life. Maggie has been staying out for days on end.
Her schoolwork has suffered and she is failing all her classes. Paul doesn't even notice when she is there.

People from the school have come to discuss the situation. They decided that Maggie should go to
military school until Paul can get his shit together. Paul tries to tell them that he is now on
medications to get better, and that he has even had the kitchen redone so that Maggie and him can eat properly.
The people don't think this is enough, and insists that Maggie leave with them immediately.

Maggie packs up her stuff and leaves. Paul cries as he says goodbye, but Maggie kicks
him in the shin and tells him to shove his new kitchen up his ass.

Maggie takes most of her things with her, and leaves Paul with an empty room to stare at.
Paul refuses to go in there. He is convinced there is a ghost cat in there due to his medications.

Paul has a split personality for awhile. The two personalities discuss a variety of topics, from food to books.
Eventually the two personalities become one again, leaving Paul alone and lonely.

Finally Paul tries to move on with his life. He buys cheap appliances and gets what he paid for.
Paul cleans up the mess and eats what he now refers to as 'his last dinner.'

After Paul is done eating, he washes up, goes into the bathroom and kills himself.

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