I am George.
By George Jan 2006

As a new contributor on TID I thought now was high time that I indulged in a little fucking narcissism, so I’m going to talk about myself.

I am George, I have existed as such for almost a year now, and I loved every fucking minute of it.

Bullshit aside I find myself faced with the challenge that lies before me on TID, I can’t just occasionally leave random coils of turdish information lying around on the lawn of the “All about” section of Boggoblin (I’m amazed Mzebonga hasn’t got round to sacking me yet) on TID, which is a bummer, because turd is basically what I’m good at, but hi ho silver.

As a contributor on TID I have NO fucking idea what to write, so I’m imagining it’s just lengthier turd, yes I realise that a lengthy turd is a somewhat humorous concept to some, however I’m above this. I will laugh when I finish typing.

It would be arrogant of me to join this site ten years down the line and tell people what it’s about (I would have been nourishing my first pubic hairs when this site was born) however I am an arrogant person so here it is: TID is a site where a bunch of very bizarre people (and sock monkeys) submit stuff of great importance – nonsense. This mildly entertaining (and sometimes really fucking funny) shit is important, you’re sat at work bored, you’re revising for an exam and your head is going to implode, whatever, you read some rant drunkenewfiemidget slaps out onto the arsehole of society or you read some smart-arsed reply to a question you asked Mzebonga, you feel happier, you feel happier because you realise you’ve not become one of those freaks.