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: February 2005 Results

What if you were sitting here reading these stupid questions, and then passed out, only to wake up what feels like days later surrounded by fluff, spilt milk and the smell of something burning AND you're not even where you were, but now seem to be in a large blue room of some sort with about 20 different cameras all pointing at you?

What do you mean "what if"? That's what happened to me last month. - chaos_zero

id get naked so i could call myself a pornstar.- Jord

I would jump around, pretending to be a monkey, and then smash all the cameras. Then I would wait until Superman came to rescue me.- Dementia

i'd ask which asshole slipped me the roofies :)- Rachie pookie poo

well, first of all i'd check my ass, see if there was any damage done to it... then i'd block out all the cameras with clogs of milky fluff Second, i will peel the skin-identical silicone layer off my leg, revealing a long thin porcelain blade,...and hide crouching in a corner, grasping the blade with a determined hand...waiting for someone to wander in. - blinder

then the cheese would have taken over! oh no! this cant be happening! i must go and spread myself with crunchy peanut butter now, for, as everyone knows, that is the only way to cure fear of goats! - crunchy_goo_shall_take_over! i_swear_its_true!

Ohh, that dad of mine... he's always drugging me and pimping me out to Japanese business men. I love him, but it takes forever to get those cookies out of me bum.- j0eg0d

I'd vote to evict the two most annoying people and how to win the 70,000 prize.- Mzebonga

Someone's evidently held a minimalist BDSM movie in which they beat the stuffing out of an overheated, lactating stuffed toy.- Fish

I would have to take precautions, for one I would look to see if there were any hidden gas vents and such as well as cameras, 2 if there was a door out, 3 determine what is burning!4 least important worry about the milk, I thought to myself on awakening, as I rose to determine these objectives and realized suddenly I felt to hot in some places where the "milk" was and realized by the smell(toothpaste) that I had been splashed with a flouric Acid and I was the thing that was burning! as I feel it burn into my organs and watch the blood pool around me in picturesque swirls, I realize I am dying!. Slowly everything fades black through a haze of the most intense burning pain a person can feel- thathingguywhois

I'd try to find out what was burning, because the last time this happened, it was my little sister and I got in a ton of trouble.- PRchick

I think I just might have to make sure I was naked, and then have some of the milk. Then... well, by then if something actually was burning, I'd use it to ignite the fluff. Otherwise, I'd just make obscene gestures towards the cameras.- theinsane

First thing I did is made sure my clothes are still on and checked to see if my ass was bleeding. After I got that all checked out, I inspected the cameras and followed their source of power. It was nothing but an extention cord, I just unplugged it.Then I followed the smell of burning. It led me to a door, when I opened it, there was a room full of sockmonkies having the fluff torn out of them and being set on fire for some satanic ritual! Then I woke up and took a piss.-me

well that doesn't sound healthy.. I grap fluff and cover the camera lenses and then I check my crotch to make sure it's rape-free..then I uncover one camera and flip it off, stick out my tongue and then go to sleep.- SG*

i would ask what the hell i am doing here and procede to get the fuck out after i was tld why , also tell them that something stinks horrible- killer

Damn government agents--they're always after me and they just wait for me to pass out. Geez, can't anyone just pass out in peace anymore? They always kidnap me and try to feed me healthy beverages--milk? PAH! And that burning smell?...Oh no, don't remind me about that. Th-they....they burn Slurpee machines in front of me! *Sobs* Unhealthy, my cellulite ridden ass!- McDiablo

It's ya'lls fault! When i came on this website you sent nerve gas through the computer than called the secret service to put me on drugs and put me in a blue room. I spilled the milk, tore up a pillow and then tryed to burn my way out!!! Then you pointed cameras at me to make me think that I was on some stupid reality show!!!!!- BoredBlondChick5

Umm... Sorry, already happened.- Asylm Chik

A lactating heaven?... Its true you die from boredom? Those children.. they weren't kidnapped?... they died of boredom... no wait I wasn't bored... haven't been since 1969.. wait I wasn't alive in 1969.. or was I? Is this 1969? Must be an Acid trip... Am I lactating?... my tits... ... sweaty but all together leakless. Hm, Someones watching me... 1..2...3...4..5..10..15....20.... 21... um wait no let me try that again....1..23...19?..... Am I suppose to eat this... is this my food? cotton candy and milk... and something roasting for dinner.. why this is fabulous.... Cheers Cameras! *Swallow fluff and lick the spilt milk...* To fine dining!- Tireless Train

Oh no! I'm now part of a new prank show (which I will not sign a release, by the way!).- Anna

Big Brother? I'd be just a little creeped out. When I pass out and wake up the next morning I look like the chick from the excorcist, so I'm hoping that no one is having the unpleasent task of watching this on their home televisions, if they are, they are about to get the shock of a life time. - Monkeeskittles

i would check to see if my stash and wraps were still in my pocket, if so id roll a fatty and get blazed! then id eat the cameras as munchies.- jiggz420

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