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: February 2005 Results

What if you go home one night, but somehow end up in a strange place that has all your stuff in it and LOOKS like you live there but isn't actually what you remember as being your place?

I would cut down on the crack.- chaos_zero

id sit down and eat their nachoes and cheese and watch porn.- Jord

I would go to sleep, and when I wake up the next morning it was all a bad dream.- Dementia

depends on the place. if it were shitty than my current apartment i would be pissed and i'd go kill people, but if it were better than my apartment now i'd be like rock on and i'd spark a joint and call my boyfriend over so that we could have sex in every room. again, but not really again since its a new place.- Rachie pookie poo

oh, great ! it's happening all over again ! now i have to kill whoever is living here, and bury them in the woods... and i'll have to move to another state AGAIN. I hate it when this happens...- blinder

then i would say,"im gonna be ambidextrous! however you spell that! i told the man who knows the man who is the man who has the answers to the S.A.T.s that I would give my right arm to be ambidextrous and he said ok! so tomorrow theyre gonna saw off my arm! and then ill be ambidextrous! oh yah baby!!!!!!!!"- crunchy_goo_shall_take_over! i_swear_its_true!

It just means that I've pooped out those memory implants again.- j0eg0d

Mathematicians have a theory called the Duck Lemma. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and tastes like a duck, it's probably a duck. Thus, it is probably my place and I'd do what I always do when I get home: turn the PC on and check my e-mails. Then I'd answer the one from JCP with vile obscenity and crude propositions...- Mzebonga

Evidently my room has been seized with wanderlust and toddled off to somewhere indeterminate but unusual again. Time to buy several hundred kilos of prime mutton, a particularly large snare and some industrial strength concrete-based tranquiliser.- Fish

that would be soooo scary! I would look out any window that presented itself, to make sure I didn't go back in time to one of my old rooms I lived in before. looking out the windows I would hopefully determine... damn in a forest of green trees can't even see the sky!. I would then try the inner door and see if it was unlocked, if it was then I would go out and try to find out where in th hell I am, I also superstitiously call out "Arch" and "computer end program" as I searched the what turned out to be a cottage with steel doors. Has a barbed wire fence perimeter with coils of glistening razor wire on the top of the fence. Looks like the government is ready to give me my final training after all the billions they have already spent on me. damn that means I have to get back in shape, after all hiding in Toronto isn't exactly eash considering all of the cameras and police. Oh well better just wait this out?!!what is this strange reloction in the middle of the night supposed to prove any way they can find me and get anytime they want? did they plant a tracking chip in me? again! damn it!"scratches the back of his hand fitfully"end of message.- thathingguywhois

I'd eat a bowl of ice cream and watch Highway to Heaven.- PRchick

Mark my territory and start breeding rabbits under the bed.- theinsane

I took out my keys and tried to put them in the lock, but they didn't work. Oh shit, this isn't my house! This is that Chris kid who wants to be just like me! When I tried to close the door, he poppep up and tried to make me come inside so he could show me his elmer's glue collection and tell me about how much weed he smoked that weekend. So I took me' malled at whacked his head. I ran back to my car and drove off neevr to return.-me

then I must have lost my mind.. cause that might be my place and I'm just retarded at the moment.. or maybe not... hmm..- SG*

get lost and wander and die in some cold place cause i cant go back to my dimension- killer

Damn, am I in Shelbyville? You know, like in the Simpson's? That town is, like, the mirror of Springfield. So weird. Well, I'd probably blame my situation on NyQuil and proceed to find the closest NyQuil Anonymous group. Mmm, NyQuil Slurpees....- McDiablo

Its like that movie, somebody has been stalking me and trying to take my place. They got me drunk and lead me here somehow and now there hiding somewhere waiting to kill me! Run awwwaaaayyyyy!!!!- BoredBlondChick5

... Umm... I would live there, after that. Hey, it has all my stuff, right? So, why would I waste my time figuring out my way back home?- Asylm Chik

I'd move into a house that looks nothing like my previous place and fill with all new stuff and wait for it to change as I go back to the other estranged house and check up on the stuff, until I realize I couldn't afford what I was doing and lose all my stuff then move into a ferris wheel engine were I'd steal carnie cigarettes all day long and make little bestest friends out of them.- Tireless Train

What the...- Anna

There's two, no three, logical explanations for this. Number One, I got so drunk I can not remember my own home, Number Two, I got so high I can not remember my own home, Number Three, something or someone is fucking with me. Is it those little men again? I wondered why my doorways are shrinking. This explains a lot. This must be why my toothpaste is moving and why my clothes are always wrinkled on the floor, and why I never have any vodka left. Damn those little men.- Monkeeskittles

id check my dresser to see if my shrooms came with it and get fryed. then it wouldnt really matter.- jiggz420

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